WATCH: Ceasefire Activists Shut Down Freeway in LA, Trap Kids in Buses; Drivers Have Angry Response

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

We've seen a lot of crazy from the anti-Israel crew, from protesting Christmas tree lightings to storming the DNC building in D.C. But they keep showing they can always go lower and be more annoying. 


They decided to go full-bore to annoy people in Los Angeles on Wednesday by shutting down the 110 Freeway around 9 a.m. Somehow they were able to stretch out across the whole freeway, link arms, and prevent cars from getting past. Backups then began to stretch into surrounding roads and streets. 

Not only did they block hundreds of motorists, but they also trapped two buses of little kids for about an hour making them late for school too. 

There was an enormous backup with drivers in this video getting out of their cars to start trying to get the activists to leave. 


This was where it started to not go well for the activists, with the drivers who just began to lose patience with the radical leftists.

Warning for graphic language: 

Drivers began pulling them away from the line. One was even picked up and thrown to the ground. You could hear a driver yelling at the activists saying this was not the way to do things.

That's when the California Highway Patrol stepped in and warned everyone they had to leave or face arrest. They even ordered the media away. Then they began arresting people around 10 a.m.


They were able to remove people by about 10:30 and 75 people were detained. They had to clear away vehicles that stalled, so that took time too. 

But if the "activists" think this kind of tactic works, they're sadly mistaken as the drivers showed. They just make people mad, even the people who might have been inclined to be on their side. So congratulations, guys, you just managed to turn more people against your "cause." 



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