The Latest Attack on Mike Johnson May Just Be the Silliest Yet - Gets a Community Note for Its Trouble

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

How do you know House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) must be doing something right? 

The crazy nature of the attacks on him is a dead giveaway. Right now, the release of all the Jan. 6 video material is driving Democrats batty. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) threw a fit at him over it, saying he was caving to the "extreme MAGA" people. Imagine thinking that releasing the video — the truth of what happened — to the American people is bad. That says something about the mentality of Raskin and of Liz Cheney, who also flipped out and tried to spin the release.

The Democrats have also attacked Johnson for making a typo in a fundraising letter and for not watching porn. How is it wrong not to watch porn? You have to take a deep dive Into the mind of twisted Democrats to understand that one. When those are the kinds of attacks they are pulling out, you know that they have to be desperate. 

But with the latest effort that Democrats are spinning, they surely have Johnson now. On Saturday, suddenly, Democrats were spreading the news to smear him, saying that — horrors — Johnson was wearing a Rolex watch.

Notice the nasty anti-Christian crack there as well — the "humble servant of God." He thought he'd nailed Johnson with some kind of financial funny business. But there was a problem with the basic premise of the post. 

This latest smear was not just the silliest yet. It was so off it earned a Community Note. The Note explains that the watch isn't a Rolex but was, in fact, something that looked similar: "Though very similar looking, this is not a Rolex, the watch on Speaker Johnson's wrist is a Fossil brand watch." Such a watch is far less expensive — probably under $100. 

But hey, why spread the truth when you can spread a false smear if you're a Democrat? That post went viral with more than a million views, with many people seeing it before it got hit with a Community Note and believing it, despite it not being the case. 

Then the post went even more viral, with folks on the right saying how dumb this attack was. If you're trying to go after Johnson, at least try to get the facts right. But they're Democrats, so facts don't matter much to them, just the narrative. 

Again, like "fine people," it goes into their smear book, and they'll just continue to spread it. Unfortunately, too many people just accept posts like this without question because they confirm their bias about Johnson and fit their tribal sensibilities. 

The poster of the original tweet shows he has no shame because even after getting a Community Note, he hasn't deleted the post, and I see no apology. Twenty-one thousand likes for a false story. That's what he was aiming for. The truth wasn't important. 

The attack was silly, to begin with. They want to go after Johnson for a watch. What about looking at your own side of the fence and how many Democratic members of Congress seem to have become rich during the course of their "public service"? Can we talk about Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who has now been indicted on bribery and FARA violations, Nancy Pelosi and all her riches — far more than a watch — or even Joe Biden and the money the Big Guy allegedly got through the "family business"? No, Democrats don't want to talk about that — there's "no evidence" at all, according to them, when it comes to Biden (despite all the evidence). 

But let's talk about a watch. 


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