Hilarious Whataboutism Ensues When Jamie Raskin Is Asked About Leftist Violence at the DNC

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

I've been wondering where the coverage of the storming of the DNC by the anti-Israel leftists was. It's been largely missing, as has the condemnation of the actions from prominent Democrats. 


Six police officers were injured, including one female officer who was punched in the face. Another officer was also thrown against a garage. Still others were pepper sprayed or otherwise hurt. 

CNN had Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on for an interview on Sunday, and Jake Tapper tried to get some kind of reaction from him. We already have seen another bad take from Raskin on Sunday with his attack on House Speaker Mike Johnson. But Raskin's effort to deflect from the leftist violence at the DNC with a series of "whataboutisms" was funny and something to see. "What do you make of this?" Tapper asked. He then admitted the obvious, "There's antisemitism, uh, in the Democratic Party these days." Not just these days, but for quite some time, albeit certainly at a peak right now. Prepare to count all the whataboutism deflections you hear from Raskin. 


First, Raskin replies that there's antisemitism everywhere, including with Elon Musk. What does Elon Musk have to do with the DNC violence? It's just an effort to deflect while attacking the owner of Twitter/X. 

Then, his next take was truly bizarre. But maybe not for a progressive who seems to love "protests" like this. 

"I was very disappointed to see what happened over at the DNC the other day. I mean, I'm glad that there are young people that are taking an interest in peace and social justice," Raskin said. Disappointment isn't condemnation for something very wrong like attacking police officers. It's like his kid forgot to take out the garbage with that kind of response. And no, the rioters weren't "taking an interest in peace and social justice," they were trying to use violence and intimidation to bully the party into doing what they wanted. They were reportedly trying to break into the building too, and members of Congress had to be evacuated. Raskin wouldn't even properly chastise the miscreants when they posed a potential threat to his fellow members. 

Being anti-Israel isn't supporting "peace and justice" and it's wild that he spews that kind of a take. What they're spreading is the furthest thing from peace. 


Then he tried to do some kind of chastisement for those who engaged in "pushing and shoving like Kevin McCarthy...I'm totally opposed to that." My gosh, can't this guy ever be straight about anything? It wasn't just pushing and shoving, and again, whataboutism deflection with the Kevin McCarthy crack. Violence at another event doesn't change the violence at the DNC which he kept dancing around. 


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