WATCH: Hundreds of Ceasefire Activists Surround Justin Trudeau at Restaurant, Police Need to Rescue Him

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Can I say again how much the anti-Israel ceasefire activists are getting out of control with their craziness? 

Just in the last couple of days, they stormed the DNC trying to break in and injuring six police officers. They shut down the Bay Bridge in California for hours. They put out a hateful map targeting NYC landmarks and businesses. And they're not just losing their minds in this country, they're getting crazy in Canada and Europe as well. 


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at a restaurant in Vancouver's Chinatown earlier this week when a mob of about 250 people descended and surrounded it. The mob was screaming, "Ceasefire now!" and waving Palestinian flags. They chanted that he had blood on his hands and was supporting genocide. 

They had to deploy 100 police officers to extricate Trudeau from the establishment and through the mob. 

The police said they were worried about the actions the activists took, and it became a "security concern" because they were setting up barricades and locking arms. One of the activists also allegedly punched one of the female cops in the face, just like they did at the DNC riot. Only this time, he also tried to gouge at the female officer's eyes, according to the police. They had to taser him to restrain him, and the officer was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Trudeau had already been chased out of another restaurant earlier in the night by activists chanting similar things and demanding that he call for a ceasefire. 


That's a dangerous position where you have to be extricated by the police. But that's where we are now with these radical extremists. 

Talk about left eating left. Liberals have whipped up the extremists, and now they're coming back to bite their own. I do not doubt that Trudeau would fold like a cheap camera under such pressure because he has no principles, and he's a political creature. He's already encouraged the Israeli government to "exercise maximum restraint'' in its war against Hamas. Why would you encourage "restraint" in trying to take out the terrorists? Who fights a war with one hand tied behind their back against the enemy that wants to kill them? 

But I don't think Israel gives a darn what Trudeau thinks or says on the matter, so it's rather a fruitless exercise by these extremists. This is what Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu had to say to Trudeau: that it was Israel doing everything to keep civilians out of harm's way while Hamas was trying to keep them in harm's way. 


So the activists can keep making noise, but I don't think it's going to make any difference. 



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