Biden's Brain Breaks When Speaking About AI, Shows He Has No Idea What He's Talking About

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden had a challenging day just handing out Halloween candy to little kids at the White House. He was unable to restrain himself from sniffing one of them, got confused, dropped the candy, and passed on whatever germs he had to the kids when he coughed into his hand and then handed them sweets. 


If you thought that was difficult for Biden, imagine him trying to talk about artificial intelligence. I don't know who had the bright idea to have him talk about that subject when he has difficulty talking about normal things, because you know it would be a recipe for trouble. Remember when Vice President Kamala Harris tried it? It didn't go well.

This was his confused effort to explain the importance of AI, which he clearly doesn't understand. I don't know what the teleprompter said, but Joe clearly went off-script.

"I found it when I was turning on my phone and saw that I thought, 'My God, what is this?'" Biden said.

"Science fiction. No, I'm serious. Didn't you have the same thought when you saw it?"

Maybe there is a connection—he often speaks in the confused tongue of an AI story that uses words but doesn't always make a lot of sense. 

You can't expect him to make sense of AI if he can't even remember that he's only been abroad one day in the past month. 


His one day abroad in October? He went to Israel for a day in the middle of the month.

But he's sure found time to vacation on the beach—regularly. Where he still hasn't been is to East Palestine, Ohio. 

But Biden truly showed he was lost when he was talking about controlling AI. That's always the fallback position for Democrats; they want to control everyone and everything, including the things they don't even understand. 

Biden had no idea what he was saying here. He just lost badly to the teleprompter: 

"American leadership and the undeniable rights endowed by our Creator that no Creator, no creation can take away," Biden said. "Proving once again that America’s strength is not just the power of its example but the example of its power."

What? According to the White House transcript, he reversed "power of its the example" and "example of its power." That sounds like a Freudian slip for Democrats, who are always trying to seize whatever power they can. But the rest of it makes no sense either. 


Not that Joe even noticed. This is the mish-mash he has reduced our Declaration of Independence to, and I don't know how they're going to have this guy run in the upcoming presidential election. They're not going to be able to hide him in the basement again, like they did in 2020. Unfortunately for them, now people know. They've seen the embarrassing mess. We are going to vote him out, but he's going to endanger us all until then because Democrats care more about power than their country or their fellow Americans.



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