Elon Tears Apart Disgusting Sentence for Man Convicted of Posting Hillary Clinton Memes

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Chalk up another one to the very disintegrating system of justice that we seem to have now in this country and add another to the pile of the "two-tiered" application of the law. 


Douglass Mackey was sentenced to seven months in prison on Wednesday. He intends to appeal, and let's hope that's successful. 

His big crime? He got convicted for spreading a meme. 

His conviction was ridiculous.

Mackey was convicted on a single count of conspiring with others to interfere in the 2016 presidential election after he shared from his far-right Twitter account phony advertisements that encouraged Clinton supporters to vote via text message.

“Avoid the line. Vote from home,” one meme says. “Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925.”

U.S. District Judge Ann M. Donnelly handed down the sentence, calling the conspiracy “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

Who in their right mind would believe such a thing? If you fell for it, you truly don't deserve the vote. Anyone with even one brain cell would know that it was nonsense, the type that is spread from both sides of the aisle. If anyone actually tried texting that number, they would have gotten a message that it wasn't associated with the Clinton campaign, so it wouldn't have been a very effective conspiracy in any event. 


This is truly a troubling case when they actually pursue criminal charges for such speech. 

X owner Elon Musk didn't hold back when he eviscerated the government for going after Mackey. He also pointed out the contrast in the treatment of this case versus the matter of the Hunter Biden laptop. 

Musk noted that Mackey's actions "had no material impact on the election." 

He then asked, What prison sentences were given out to those who suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop information? That *did* have a material impact on the election."

Gotta love it when Elon lets loose on them like this. He seems to have no fear and isn't willing to shut up about what he thinks. He knows that he's being targeted as well with multiple investigations, but he's talking out anyway. 

He's right, if the polls about the issue are any indication. Surveys last year showed a massive number of people think that would have changed the election had more people known about the laptop. Yet there have been no consequences for that suppression or election interference or for that infamous letter put out by the 51 former intel officials. They all have the protection of the magical "D" after their names so there are no consequences for their actions. 




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