Biden Emerges From Hiding, Has Brain Freeze, Trips Over MAGA Insult

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden finally emerged from his basement on Sunday, now that a government shutdown was averted. 

On Friday, when it looked like there would likely be a shutdown, Biden took an early lid. He had nothing on his schedule for the weekend. Reporters asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if he would be involved in the discussions, but she said he had no meetings planned with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). She said that it wasn't up to Biden to resolve the issues. They basically absolved themselves of any responsibility and claimed he wasn't involved in the process. 


Now that a shutdown has been averted, here he is trotting out, looking very old, and acting like he got people to agree, trying to appear consequential. 

All he had to do was read from the teleprompter, but he couldn't even do that without issue. He gave up halfway through and temporized. 

What do "transformational investments" mean? Spending like there's no tomorrow. 

Biden continued glitching. When asked about the potential fight over leadership in the lower chamber, Biden seemed not even to know who votes for the Speaker of the House.  


Biden said it was up to the "leadership in the House and the Senate" to decide. How long was he in the Senate? Most of his life? And he's so far gone, he doesn't remember they don't pick the Speaker of the House? 

Here he appeared to be trying to say something about or to McCarthy, but his brain freezes out midway through the thought, and he just gives up. 

The alleged leader of the free world, kids, with a brain that doesn't work. This is the guy allegedly with the nuclear codes. This is worrying stuff. How could anyone vote for this? 

"Are you concerned about America's reputation on the world stage, given the level of brinksmanship we've seen this year?" a reporter asked. 

Joe Biden can't even get his insults right, that's how far gone he is. "Based on the mega Republicans are for, yes. Based on what my administration's doing, no," Biden said. It's MAGA, Joe. MAGA, not MEGA. When you say MEGA, you make yourself sillier and Republicans bigger, and, well, MEGA. 


Biden can't try to blame the MEGA/MAGA Republicans for his failures—the American people know who's to blame and they've been giving Biden horrible poll numbers. The world knows his reputation as well. That's why under Biden, bad actors have become emboldened.

Unfortunately for Biden and for us, his issues are constantly on display for the whole world to see, and it's not a comforting look. 



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