Biden Reveals He's Told What to Do, Almost Knocks Over Flag, and Brazilian President's Unique Reaction

Credit: RNC Research

Joe Biden had a meeting in New York with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil. 

Biden was in New York City because he'd spoken at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. As we reported, Biden slurred his words throughout the speech, lost his fights with the teleprompter, and suffered from some brain freeze during the remarks. 


Then Biden had his photo-op with the Brazilian president, and they both made some remarks. But Biden revealed, once again, that he's not the guy in charge, that people are telling him what to do. 


Then he said he was not supposed to be speaking again. 

Who is telling the alleged leader of the free world what he can do behind the scenes? 

They likely didn't want him going off on tangents, which he did. 

Biden says his father taught him a job is about "self-respect." Unfortunately, I think if he or anyone in his family cared about his self-respect, they never would have let him run for office knowing the condition he was in. As some pointed out, given the problems of his family, particularly his son, perhaps he's not the guy who can talk successfully on this topic. 

He also had to use a script even for these brief perfunctory remarks, and he revealed that they were "mobilizing hundreds of millions of dollars" for "ecosystems in Latin America." 

Nothing like hearing -- when Americans are being crushed by Bidenflation -- that Biden is giving billions to Ukraine and everyone else. 

Biden and the Brazilian president were supposed to give remarks about the Partnership for Worker's Rights, which they launched.

But when they were announced, Biden initially came out by himself -- when they were supposed to enter together. Then he almost tripped over the Brazilian flag and then did a little jog.

So it's not just sandbags; he'll even trip over massive things that are obviously visible. 

Unfortunately, if your spokesperson is Biden and he has to explain things from a teleprompter, you know there are going to be issues. He lost the battle with the teleprompter on Wednesday, unable to quite figure out what he was supposed to be saying. 

I think he didn't even realize that didn't make sense. 

Then here, he looked like he might be short-circuiting. 

Watching Biden be mystified by modern technology is a scary proposition, as he struggled to work out his earpiece, so he could then understand what the Brazilian president was saying. 


The Brazilian president had to keep asking Biden if he heard him. 

Then, just like when Biden didn't enter properly with Lula, he saluted the audience and walked off without the Brazilian president. 

You can see Lula had a unique reaction, making a gesture with his right hand, like "Okay, if he's leaving me, I'm out of here," in the opposite direction. 

Poor guy. You have to wonder what he was thinking, after having to deal with Joe Biden like that. 



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