Hunter Biden Trying to Duck Appearing in Person for Arraignment on Gun Charges

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On Monday, Hunter Biden ironically and sort of hilariously filed a lawsuit against the IRS — against his father's administration. He argued in his complaint that the IRS was targeting and trying to embarrass him. Biden also attacked the whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. He said that the IRS was trying to smear him and that he should be treated like any other citizen. 


That was pretty rich given what the whistleblowers have said, alleging the case was slow-walked, not handled as it should have been, and aspects were not properly pursued, including that they were not allowed to pursue any questions related to the "big guy" or Biden family members. Can we talk about the two-tiered system of justice? 

Now it looks like Hunter wants to try to duck showing up for his arraignment in person on the gun charges

According to an order in the case filed on Monday, Judge Christopher J. Burke, who is the magistrate judge handling the arraignment, wants Hunter's attorneys to give a written explanation as to why they want to hold the arraignment via video conference. They have to submit that by Tuesday, September 19. Then the prosecution, who is opposing this, has to submit a response by Wednesday, September 20. The judge reportedly could decide on the matter this week. 


Biden faces three counts -- two related to knowingly making a false statement regarding not being an unlawful drug user, and one count of knowingly possessing a gun while knowing he was an unlawful drug user.  

Now that should be intriguing to hear what the defense rationale is here, when former President Donald Trump can manage to fly all over the country and show up for his arraignments. Why should Hunter Biden get a special pass? He probably will try to argue that he lives in California, but we'll have to see where the judge goes with that. We should find out more about the defense justification shortly, as they have to have it filed on Tuesday, as noted above. Hunter is so used to getting a pass on everything he probably thinks he will just get whatever he wants here as well.  

Biden still faces potential tax charges that he was going to plead to before the sweetheart plea deal blew up. We'll also have to see what happens with those charges as well. But so far, there are only the gun charges which are not connected to any questions regarding the influence peddling scandal or Joe Biden's involvement. Right now, it looks like they're trying to split the baby and say they are doing their job; that they're trying to clear away any questions about not being fair on the matter before the election. But in the meantime, they haven't truly gone after the things that could touch Joe Biden, including questions about connections to foreign nationals and compromise. 



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