New Polling Looking Pretty Brutal for Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

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New polling is looking pretty brutal for Joe Biden right now. This may explain why Democrats are freaking out about the impeachment inquiry and trying to manipulate the media with "marching orders" to try to undercut the inquiry, because Biden may not be able to handle even one more bad news. He's already in so much trouble between his age and incoherence issues, as well as his bad policies. 


Biden's numbers versus his top challenger, former President Donald Trump across a variety of different metrics, are not good for the 80-year-old. I will give the caution I always give for polls at this point: it's early. But this has to be troubling the Democrats. 

First, starting when it comes to age, Trump is not much younger but the poll made it clear that Americans don't think he has the same problem with age as Joe Biden does. Day after day, they see the deterioration of Biden -- and it shows in Quinnipiac's survey. 

It also shows Americans prefer Trump when it comes to dealing with a national crisis. That indicates they're not buying what Democrats are trying to sell about Biden and his experience. Biden has the experience of being wrong for most of his political life.  He has flubbed up everything he's done so far in office. So it's not hard to believe why they would prefer Trump. 

The Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School, and USA Today poll also showed Americans trusted Trump more when it came to improving the economy, 47 to 36 percent. 


In that Suffolk Poll: 

Only 34% of Americans said they approve of Biden's handling of the economy, compared with 59% who disapprove, according to the poll...Seventy-six percent of independents and even 34% of Democrats said the economy is getting worse. Eighty-four percent of Americans say their cost of living is rising, and food and groceries is the top concern.

The big question, when it comes to Trump versus Biden (if that turns out to be the pairing), is the independents -- that's where everything is going to rise or fall if he is the nominee. When it comes to the economy -- generally, the critical thing that motivates people is how much money they are keeping in their pocket -- they know they were doing so much better under Trump than under Biden. Twenty points up on the economy is pretty substantial. 

If we look at the Fox poll, which is not just focused on the economy, no wonder Biden's people are losing their minds. Trump is two points up but more importantly, he's 10 points up with independents. That's substantial and shows he could very well win, if accurate. 


Then on top of the independents going for Trump, there's also some significant movement from the 2020 numbers with critical groups -- against Biden, and in Trump's favor. Suburban women, Women, black voters, Voters under 45, and Hispanics -- all moved significantly toward Trump from the numbers in 2020.  


The Democrats seem to have hitched their wagon and committed to a sinking ship. The election is some time away yet, but it's not hard to see why the Biden team and Democrats are panicking. 


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