Let's Talk About the Concerning Climate Change Cult: Wild Thing in Apple Ad Is a Perfect Example

(Chinatopix via AP)

My colleague Brandon Morse wrote about the cringey climate change ad that was put out by Apple. 

I'm not sure how much they spent on this glossy cringefest, but they have actress Octavia Spencer as Mother Nature and a lot of production values, so it probably wasn't cheap. What did they hope to achieve with this? My guess is a lot of empty virtue signaling. But I find it funny because they're so desperate to push this agenda. 

There are a couple of additional points I wanted to make about the ad and the harm that the climate change cult promotes. There's a lot of silliness in the ad, as Brandon explained. But one thing stood out to me and many others. This part here: 

Many people pointed out that such a goal of permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere would be a bit of a problem since carbon is essential to life on Earth, and we are carbon-based life forms. Are they saying they want to get rid of the carbon-based life forms, namely us? That doesn't sound like a particularly good idea, and probably not for them as well, because then who would buy their iPhones? 

People had thoughts. 

On top of that, let's not forget about the slave labor that is employed to make those phones. That doesn't exactly serve humanity much, either. That is, if the idea of all this posturing were to help humanity rather than having government control it. 

They've taken their eye off the ball of what they are supposed to be doing, and that's why they've grown stagnant with their products. 

So why are they furiously virtue-signaling like this? Maybe to deflect away from the issues that the left might have with them if they didn't put on this dog and pony show? If you notice, in the ad, they seem to have a lot of diversity at the table, which would probably make the DEI/ESG folks happy. Except that this is what their leadership looks like in reality. 

Unlike the folks around the table in the ad, most of the leadership seems to be white and male. Among the twenty people they have listed on their website, there are only six women, and only two of them are people of color. Chances of the diversity of political thought? I wouldn't bet on it. One of those women of color is Lisa P. Jackson, a former EPA Administrator under Barack Obama, who declared CO2 a threat back in 2009. She's Apple's vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives. So now you know why we get cringey ads like this one. 



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