More on Bizarre Comment Biden Made Right Before Staff Pulled the Plug on His Vietnam Presser

Joe Biden press conference in Hanoi, talking about global warming. (Credit: RNC Research)

I reported earlier on the wild press conference that Joe Biden did in Vietnam that had a lot of bizarre and embarrassing moments, with Biden going off into flights of fancy about John Wayne movies and dog-faced pony soldiers. He couldn't even deal with the preselected few reporters he was told to call on, getting upset at one reporter and making it clear that he was being told what to do by his staff, saying he was just "following orders."  It got so bad that his staff pulled the plug on the presser right in the middle of Biden answering a question mid-word. 


Here's a little bit more on what he said before they cut him off and started playing the music to signal to him to stop talking and get off the stage. He seemed to be stalling out and having trouble even speaking. He even seemed to be panting in between words. Then he said that he had to "go to bed" before he started calling the Southern hemisphere "the Third World," not getting how insulting that was. That's what caused them to pull the plug.

He still did try to talk over the music and then booked it out of there when they asked about his son possibly being indicted. 


When you are being led around by your staff and taking orders from them, not to mention confirming that "Sleepy Joe" nickname and not being able to handle the trip, then that's a big problem if you're trying to convince people to vote for you. If his staff has to save him now, imagine how bad it will be a year from now when he's deteriorated even more. 

There was also one other significant statement he made during the press conference that is just so crazy, even for Joe Biden. 

"The only existential threat humanity faces — even more frightening than a nuclear war — is global warming going above 1.5° in the next 20, 10 years," Biden said, saying we would be in real trouble. "There's no way back from that."

How can you take anyone seriously who thinks like that? And how can you expect the right national security priorities from someone whose thinking is so out of whack like this?  No wonder he doesn't seem to take the threat of nuclear war seriously. 


But if he truly thought this, then why does he take his jet on vacation virtually every weekend? Why does he employ big gas-guzzling SUV motorcades everywhere he goes, with dozens of vehicles? One would think he doesn't take it as seriously as he claims, that maybe it's more about using the issue for control.

This is scary stuff when this guy has his finger near the nuclear codes.


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