Police Report Provides More Revealing Information About Dem Who Said She Was Carjacked

Shivanthi Sathanandan. (Credit: Facebook)

As we reported, Shivanthi Sathanandan, the Second Vice Chair of the Democrat-Farmer Labor Party -- the Democrat-affiliated party in Minnesota -- claimed that she had been carjacked in her driveway in front of her young children at her home in Minneapolis in what she described as a terrifying attack. She said she was beaten by four armed young men and suffered a broken leg, as well as other cuts and bruises. 


Sathanandan was furious at the attackers and demanded that they be held accountable for their crimes. She also praised the police in her Facebook post, which was quite a switch because three years before, she had been calling to dismantle the very same Minneapolis Police Department that came to her aid. She also supported gun control in the past,when having a gun to defend herself from armed attackers might have been very helpful. 

But some on the internet questioned the story, raising questions about the attack and the picture of the blood, as well as if one would be able to stand and take such a picture if one had a broken leg.  Now, the police report reveals some more information that may clarify those questions.  

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) sent a copy of the police report from the officer who responded to Sathanandan's 9-1-1 call. The MPD report notes there were two victims and two eyewitnesses. Sathanandan was labeled as victim one who had "possible internal injury, other major injury."

"Officers responded to a Robbery of a Person. Officers arrived, gathered evidence, and aired out the suspect info. The victim's vehicle was later abandoned by the Suspects and recovered. Car 21 arrived to process the scenes and BWC was activated," the report goes on to say.


"BWC" refers to "body-worn camera/s." 

So it would appear that the police are confirming that she had injuries, including a "major injury" (presumably the leg injury). Sathanandan had mentioned neighbors coming to her aid -- the neighbors may include the other victim and witnesses. The police also did help to recover her car. 

There was an unconfirmed report from journalist Liz Collin, who is affiliated with Alpha News. The report claims Sathanandan had complained to the mayor that the police took five minutes to get there. 

That seems inconsistent with her later praising of the police, where she thanked them for their help. But if Collins' report is true, five minutes seems like that's pretty fast, especially in Minneapolis. If she complained about that, then she wants more than what most citizens are getting. Further, she should be grateful the police showed up and a social worker didn't. If she and fellow Democrats had succeeded in dismantling the police department, the police wouldn't have shown up at all, much less in five minutes.


Townhall has asked for body cam footage, so we should have more information shortly as to the police response and her reaction, once that comes in. That will shed even more light on the case. I'm truly curious as to her interaction with the police after her comments about wanting to "dismantle" them. 



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