Biden, in Hurricane-Ravaged Florida, Tells Unbelievable Tale About Why He Hasn't Visited East Palestine

Joe Biden in Live Oak, Florida visits Hurricane Idalia damage. (Credit: Forbes)

Joe Biden is in Florida for his brief photo-op meeting with first responders regarding Hurricane Idalia. 

But once again, he couldn't manage to get through even that short period without telling some whoppers and pushing his political agenda. 


As I reported earlier, he made a weird, snotty comment regarding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He was asked about DeSantis saying that he couldn't meet with him because the presidential visit was "very disruptive" -- in other words, he shouldn't be coming while the emergency is still on. Biden shot back at the reporter, "Do you [think it's disruptive]?" DeSantis is still having to deal with the crisis, he doesn't have time for Biden. Meanwhile, Biden is playing political games trying to make up for his failures in dealing with the Maui fire response. 

During his remarks in Live Oak, Florida, Biden blamed the hurricane on climate change.

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crises—at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore. Just look around, around the nation and the world for that matter,” Biden said while in Live Oak, Fla. “Historic floods, intense droughts, extreme heat, deadly wildfires that have caused serious damage that we’ve never seen before.”


Biden has no evidence this hurricane had anything to do with climate change. Hurricanes have been hitting Florida for centuries, and probably as long as it has existed; they're weather events. While there isn't an official cause of the fire determined yet in Maui, Maui County just sued Hawaiian Electric for negligence, blaming their maintenance of the poles and electrical lines as well as their failure to shut off the power during the incident.

Biden also had this strange setup where he stood at a distance from the locals. I don't know what the reason was for that, and I hope they weren't trying to go back to some social distancing nonsense in the middle of a disaster. 

It didn't look like a natural exchange between a caring leader and first responders/victims. It looked like they were paying homage to him yet weren't allowed to get close to him. It also looked like there were very few people there. You could see Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) there. He thanked Biden for showing up. 


Biden went there to get these kinds of photo-ops where he can say how much he's done. 

But unfortunately, with Biden, he indulged in his habit of not being truthful again. Not a great idea when you're visiting hard-hit Americans. Not only shouldn't you be telling them whoppers, but if they hear you saying things that aren't true, they will probably not believe you when you say you're going to come through for them. And he got called out on another past failure. A reporter asked him when he would be visiting East Palestine, Ohio -- the site of a train derailment disaster in February. Biden said many months ago that he was going to visit there, but he has not. 


Biden said he "hasn't had the occasion" to go to East Palestine because "there's a lot going on," and he hasn't "been able to break." He said he considered going to East Palestine this week "but then was reminded I've got to go literally around the world" to Asia next week. 

This is just straight-up nonsense, and anyone listening can know it's bunk. He's had since February to go. He's been on numerous vacations since then—40 percent of his time in office has been on vacation. He was on vacation for the better part of August. So this is some kind of nonsensical malarkey. This is yet again another example of how he just doesn't give a darn unless he has to politically, and then he makes things up. Does anyone truly think he intended to go, or was that just a way to put off the reporter's question? He's had months, and he failed.


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