Unhinged: Pelosi Attacks Millions of Americans for Their 'Values'

Nancy Pelosi interview with Bloomberg. (Credit: RNC Research)

I have to say that one of the best things about having Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as House Speaker is that the execrable Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has now been largely shunted to the side and has much less power. I think that if I heard her say one more time, "It's for the children, the children, the children," about a measure that would decidedly not benefit 'the children," I might just have gagged. She's so fake, it's often hard to take. 


However, Pelosi has said something this week that I feel I have to comment on because it's so emblematic of the hypocrisy she and the Democratic Party engage in. You wouldn't think that it's a good or even a politically wise thing for a politician to attack Americans. But here Pelosi goes doing it, not caring that she's demeaning millions of Americans because she thinks it helps the Democrats' political position. 

"It is interesting to see how there's a certain element of the population who will just go for him [former President Donald Trump]," Pelosi said. "They're people we would probably never get. They don't share our values in terms of respect for the dignity and worth of every person and the rest." 

Wow. I'm surprised that her tongue didn't snap off its roller given the irony of that statement. Isn't she "Catholic" yet incredibly pro-abortion? Where is the "respect for the dignity and worth of every person" when she pushes that? Where is her "respect for the dignity and worth of every person" even in this statement as she puts down and smears other Americans because they have different political thoughts than she does? Because they want to do things like truly protect life? Isn't this the same lady who couldn't even show some basic respect for President Donald Trump during his State of the Union speech -- or the lives of great Americans he was highlighting? She infamously ripped up his speech which contained those Americans' stories at the end of his remarks. What about the respect and dignity of people in her own city of San Francisco which has deteriorated into a haven of crime and drug-addicted people all over the streets? When is she going to take any responsibility for that? 


However, she may be right. We don't share her values, which seem to be about keeping the Democrats in power, but allowing the nation to sink into chaos. We don't target political opponents. We don't cheer for the killing of babies. 

Pelosi then went on to say that while they don't share values with China, they have to work together to save the planet. She sounds like she's more embracing of working with the Chinese than with Republican politicians or voters. 

"We don't have shared values, but we have a shared planet and we have to work with the Chinese to save the planet," Pelosi claimed. 

So they have to work with the Chinese, maybe not the Republicans or those nasty Republican voters with different values. She doesn't even seem to fully grasp that yes, China is the biggest emitter. One of the reasons is that they don't give a darn about "saving the planet," they only care about benefitting themselves. Pelosi thinking otherwise is a delusion. China is happy as anything that we're going down this path because they benefit so much from the Democrats' pushing of green energy. Pelosi isn't saving the planet, she can't even keep her own district safe. 

Pelosi got a mighty ratio for her audacity. 




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