Biden's Trilateral Summit Press Conference Is a Mess, He Even Attacks Putting 'America First'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden was at Camp David on Friday for a trilateral summit with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan. After meeting with them, they then held a joint press conference. 


It was just a mess, even by Joe Biden's standards. 

First, he looked awful while he "politely" told members of the press to get out. Then he smirked while they were being urged out by his handlers. 

We've written in the past about Biden's confusion at other events like this. But now he's given up any pretense and is just straight reading remarks off notes---and even having trouble with that. He sounded like he had no idea what he was reading. 

Then he seemed completely confused about who was supposed to go next. 

How can anyone look at that and feel secure in their leader, that this is who is representing us to the world? He's supposed to be the leader of the free world, but he can't do the smallest thing without help and direction. 


Biden was supposed to be yielding to the president of the Republic of Korea but he didn't seem to understand that. Then he didn't seem to know the correct title of Prime Minister Kishida either, the guy that he had just had a meeting with. The announcer helpfully said he was the "Prime Minister of Japan," and you can hear Biden on the hot mic then trying to correct the announcer, wrongly, "President." 

Kishida just smiled and tried to go with it, but God knows what he must have been thinking. If this is what we see in public, who knows how bad it must be in the meetings behind the scenes. 

This next clip is truly shameful. Joe Biden attacked former President Donald Trump's "America First" policy in front of foreign leaders. 

To Biden, putting "America First" is bad. He would never think to do that. How can he even act as the leader of this country, when he makes comments like that? Biden defied all logic by trying to argue that makes us "weaker, not stronger." He shows that America is not first to him in so many of his actions. He also falsely claimed that Trump "walked away from the world." 


Donald Trump was responsible for historic peace agreements in the Middle East,  for example; he never walked away from the world. What he did as an American leader was prioritize American interests -- as he should. Unfortunately, Biden doesn't understand that's supposed to be part of the job. And people wonder why things have gone to heck in a handbasket under Joe Biden? This is a big reason why. 

Of course, he refused to comment on the appointment of a Special Counsel in regard to the probe into his son, Hunter. 

Biden finished off with a moment of confusion as well. He forgot to take out his earpiece when he was done, so as he started to walk about from the podium, it ripped out of his ear because it was attached to the podium. At the same time, he just walked away from the podium, without regard to the two other leaders left standing there. 

The two other leaders shake each other's hands, but Biden is already booking it away from them, without even a look back.


This was truly embarrassing, and I have to think the other leaders know---which is why bad actors are now emboldened around the world. 

Biden was still going on at least a partial vacation to Lake Tahoe on Friday, after the summit. He's supposed to be in Hawaii on Monday to survey the damage from the Maui fire. I think it's too early because they're still searching for people, and I hope he doesn't impede that. They're sending him because of his "no comment" response that was so bad; they're trying to clean that up. Hopefully, they don't have him make any remarks beyond offering help. We don't need more "no empathy" Biden there. 


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