Hilarious 'Morning Joe' Show Accidentally Reveals Another Great Reason to Vote for Trump

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I find a lot of the liberal media reaction to former President Donald Trump endlessly funny.

But I have to say that Friday’s “Morning Joe” segment may just take the cake, particularly because they seem to have accidentally discovered another reason to vote for Trump.


Joe Scarborough started the clip by assailing Republicans for allegedly making authoritarian moves. He attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for removing prosecutor Monique Worrell for failing to do her job.

“So maybe she’s a little too progressive,” Scarborough griped. Or maybe she wasn’t doing her job, which is what is alleged, not just that DeSantis “didn’t like her politics.” He then, with a complete lack of self-awareness, asked what makes Republicans think there won’t be a Democrat in the future who fires people for their politics. He was so wound up at that point he started huffing, kind of like, “How dare they!” a la Greta Thunberg. That these Republicans think they can do all these things and “damage Constitutional norms,” and it’s not going to come back and haunt them “really shows how ignorant they are,” he ranted.

But then contributor Donny Deutsch went off on Trump, and it was pure gold. He spoke about the ridiculous comment from Kamala Harris that when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she thinks about is democracy. Do these people think we’ll fall for it when they shovel out stuff like that? Deutch fell for it, though. Then he went over the slide, trying to pump up the fear to pump the audience, but not realizing how funny he truly was, “Do you not understand that if Donald Trump wins, nothing else matters because it’s over…Morning Joe might not exist anymore.” Deutch claimed Trump had said, “‘If I’m elected, I want the FCC reporting directly to me,’ and he will cancel this show. You need to think that — that extreme. It’s over! Freedom is over if Donald Trump gets elected!” We turn into an “autocracy,” he insisted, and what our “forefathers fought for” is “over.”


I have to say this made me laugh. A lot.

First, the claim is nonsense. Second, many pointed out the FCC doesn’t have the authority over cable. Third, have they checked who the autocrats are? It isn’t Trump who was going after his political opponents; that’s the Biden administration. Did they miss the Russia collusion hoax and the weaponization of government against Trump even there, not to mention all the recent stuff? Or how about the suppression of speech that they didn’t like, like the Hunter Biden laptop? Talk about “autocrats.”

But oh, how unintentionally funny this is, and what an ad for Trump! This would make more people run out the door and stand in line twice to vote for Trump. Add in The View as well, and it would likely become a landslide. Don’t threaten me with a good time, as they say.



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