Mark Hamill's Call to Boycott Elon's 'X' Platform Gets Hilarious Reaction

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

People on the left have been throwing a huge tantrum ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Some of course threatened to leave, yet they’re still on Twitter complaining, for the most part. It looks like the Meta creation by Mark Zuckerberg that was supposed to replace Twitter has already failed. Now, the rebranding of the platform to “X” has also upset them, as actor Mark Hamill demonstrated.


Hamill is a rabid and vocal liberal. He urged users on the platform to boycott the site on Aug. 1.

“This will only be effective if EVERYONE refrains from tweeting (X-ing?) on August 1st a/k/a #TweetlessTuesday. Let’s show the owner the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. Honestly, would it kill you to keep your thoughts to yourself for 1 d— day? Read a book!” Hamill told his fans Sunday.

The “Star Wars” actor also made another call to boycott Twitter on Saturday. “Looking forward to taking a day off on #TweetlessTuesday!!!”

Maybe you don’t have a lot of credibility about boycotting the site when you’re trying to advertise the boycott from the site itself.

Hamill had also previously been snotty about the new logo, “Has everybody seen the (eXecrable) new logo?” Hamill also tweeted the hashtags “ByeByeBirdie” and “TaTaTwitter.”


What did he do after Fox reported what he said? Run right to Twitter to talk about it.

What he doesn’t understand is that people probably would welcome such a boycott. How great a day without liberal whining on the platform, if people even noticed or cared. The problem is that some liberals use the platform for virtue-signaling and self-affirmation, I don’t think they can go very long without it.

Liberal attorney Andrew Laufer praised him, saying, “Kudos, sir.” He was tweeting on Tuesday, warning that, “Trump can win. If he does, we are done. Keep that in mind.”

But most mocked Hamill into next week. The “power of the people” is with the platform’s fight for free speech, not supporting those who simply want to push a liberal narrative.


So how’s that boycott going? Has Twitter (X) come crashing down on Tuesday with no liberals tweeting?

I think it’s fair to say, X is still there and the effort at a boycott was a big failure. Frankly, apart from Hamill, I’m not sure I notice any difference. Looks like liberals don’t have the power of the boycott like the right has against Bud Light. Bud Light is in deep trouble with customers not coming back. And unfortunately, Hamill will be back on the platform Wednesday, proving that he just can’t live without it. That says everything about liberals right there. If he truly had some gumption, he’d just delete his account to make his point. But in not doing so, he acknowledges the importance of the platform, even with Musk running it.


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