WATCH: Devon Archer Finally Arrives to Testify

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding Devon Archer’s interview with the House Oversight Committee.

Archer’s testimony has been put off multiple times. It was finally set for Monday. It’s important to note that he’s also testified to the grand jury in this matter, so he has to testify in line with whatever he told the grand jury.


Then over the weekend, there was a controversy. The DOJ sent out a letter asking the judge in Archer’s fraud case to set a day for him to report to prison because he lost his appeal. The letter sent out just before his testimony created a firestorm of controversy with many regarding it as an effort to intimidate or stop him from testifying.

His attorney responded to the controversy by saying that Archer didn’t regard it as intimidation, but in any event, it wasn’t going to stop him from telling the truth to Congress and what he knew about the Biden foreign business dealings.

The DOJ also released a statement, claiming that they weren’t trying to interfere with Archer’s testimony, that “the Government does not request (and has never requested) that [Archer] surrender before his Congressional testimony.”

Perhaps the idea was to intimidate or to make Archer look bad by highlighting that he had a fraud conviction right before he testified. But, whatever the effort was over the weekend, it indeed didn’t stop Archer from showing up on Monday.

He showed up to Congress in the company of his attorney Matthew Schwartz, all smiles and looking surprisingly happy. Perhaps that was a “painted smile” but it was surprising nonetheless.


He was asked by reporters if anyone had told him not to appear, but he didn’t respond to any of the questions that were peppered at him.

CBS’ Catherine Herridge at least got a “no comment” out of him.

Herridge “What will you tell congressional investigators about Hunter Biden’s business deals?”

Devon Archer: “No comment.”

Herridge: “Are WH denials about President Biden’s involvement credible?” No response.

His interview will be behind closed doors, but we will likely find out some aspects of it.

Archer was a very close friend and business associate of Hunter Biden and so he was very acquainted with all the dealings. He can say a lot about the alleged influence peddling. He is expected to talk about Joe Biden’s connections, including about phone calls where Joe Biden was on the phone with Hunter during meetings, showing his involvement in what was going on. Reportedly he’s aware of at least 24 such calls involving Joe Biden.


Archer can add a lot. But even if he doesn’t, it’s important to remember that there is a ton of other evidence that relates to Joe Biden’s involvement, including photos, emails, and testimony of other witnesses. The matter doesn’t hinge on Archer, although he certainly can provide some important information. It’s also likely that the Oversight Committee will need to talk to him more than once given the breadth of knowledge he would have. I don’t think that they could get at everything he knows in a few hours on Monday. So assuming he’s forthcoming, expect him to be back. But if he tells the truth, that should have the Bidens sweating big time.


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