WATCH: Libs of TikTok Visits Swalwell About Alleged Support for Arrested Transgender Lawmaker

Stacie Laughton, a transgender former New Hampshire state lawmaker, was charged on July 18 with one count of sexual exploitation of children, as well as aiding and abetting. The former lawmaker was alleged to have conspired with a daycare worker Lindsay Groves (who Laughton had dated at one point) to gather explicit photos of children taken where Groves worked.


According to the charging documents, a preliminary forensic review of Groves’ cellphone allegedly revealed over 10,000 text messages between Laughton and Groves that included discussion about, and transfer of, explicit photographs that Groves had taken of children while employed at Creative Minds daycare – including at least four sexually explicit images of children who appear to be approximately three to five years old, as well as explicit descriptions of sex with each other and others, including children. The investigation remains ongoing.

The documents included things like Laughton telling Groves how to touch a child and then sending it to him for his sexual gratification. Groves was charged with sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornography for taking nude photos of kids between the ages of 3-5 years old and then distributing them.

Laughton was also arrested in June and charged by the state of New Hampshire with four counts of distribution of child sexual abuse images.

Laughton, a Democrat, already had a very troubling past and it’s hard to believe that anyone would vote for him or endorse him.

Stacie-Marie Laughton, a biological male who identifies as female, was initially elected to the New Hampshire legislature in 2012, but was unable to serve due to still being on probation for a 2008 felony conviction of credit card fraud.

The former Democrat representative, who faced several charges down the road, was arrested for making a bomb threat against the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in 2015 and was arrested again in 2021 on charges related to the misuse of the state’s 911 texting system.

Despite Laughton’s criminal past, the candidate was elected for a second term to represent Nashua, New Hampshire, in the 2022 elections, but was never seated after being jailed again for multiple stalking-related charges. [….]

The felon’s criminal history dates back to 2002, with police confirming to The Patch that Laughton was arrested for domestic violence/criminal mischief in 2002, and again in 2003, for sexually assaulting a woman.

After past arrests, Laughton blamed the criminal behavior on “mental illness.”


Despite all that, there were pictures that Laughton posted, depicting politicians like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) having their pictures taken with Laughton.

So Libs of TikTok — Chaya Raichik — went to Swalwell’s office to ask him about that seeming endorsement and whether or not he intends to support “pedophiles’ in the future. She confronted the staff and asked them if they would comment on whether he would continue to endorse such people.

They said that he wasn’t there. His staff seemed more than a little stunned by the question and just took down her contact information. That’s putting him on the spot. That’s some outfit the Chief of Staff was wearing there, too.

So what’s the answer here? What’s his answer for these alleged pictures? Did he not know about the history of this person? Or did he simply not care? Was it more important that Laughton checked a box? His staff wasn’t forthcoming at that point with any answers.



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