Leftist Posturing Moment of Day: 'Squad' Member Greg Casar Mocked Into Next Week for 'Water' Strike

Greg Casar ends his water strike on the steps of the Capitol. (Credit: Bryan Metzger)

We’ve seen a lot of pontificating and posturing from the leftist members of the Squad over the past few years.

But it looks like a new member, Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX), is trying to take a run at the crown for the “most mocked (and mockable) progressive posturing effort.” Casar is from the 35th Congressional District that covers Austin (of course) and San Antonio, and he won in 2022.


Casar was agitating for a “federal heat rule” to apply to workers across the country. He wanted the government to mandate water breaks for outdoor workers. If it were up to leftists, the federal government would control every aspect of our lives. We’ve seen how they want to connect climate to everything, even summer heat.

But to try to make his point, Casar went on a “water strike” in solidarity with workers…for about eight hours.

“Just took my last drink of water before my thirst strike with the one and only, Dolores Huerta. #WorkersCanWait,” Casar, whose district represents parts of Austin and San Antonio, posted Tuesday morning. He pledged to abstain from liquids as he called for a federal heat rule to protect workers as they faced high temperatures across the country.

“Today I’m on a thirst strike on the steps of the U.S. Capitol – not drinking water or taking breaks, through rain or shine, in solidarity with our nation’s workers,” Casar wrote in another post. “Currently there are NO federal protections for workers exposed to heat.”

Now, if he wanted to truly act in “solidarity” with workers, here’s a thought — how about working with them at a real job for eight hours? Nothing prevents any worker from having water with them, and many jobs will provide their workers with water. But again, this is about more federal control.


Casar play-acted at doing something by hanging out on the steps of the Capitol, preening for attention and the media. Not only did he get to sit around, but if you notice in the pictures, he’s getting soothed with a wet towel; I’m assuming it’s with cool water. He also had a pulse oximeter on his finger as though he would be at some great risk.

This is pretty hilarious.

After about eight hours, Casar called an end to his theater and took a big swig of water.

Needless to say, that posturing earned Casar a lot of mockery for suffering through such a grueling eight hours of sitting around, getting attention.


Many laughed at him, comparing it to skipping lunch or breakfast which people do all the time.

Many made the point that actor Dean Cain made — that they do this in their sleep.

Some noted the fasting that Muslims do during Ramadan and that Jews were abstaining from both food and water for 25 hours beginning on Wednesday for Tisha B’Av.

If Casar thought he was making an impression, he did—just not exactly the one he wanted, and not a good one.



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