WATCH: Cori Bush's Hot Take on Trans People and Abortion Provokes Hilarious Reaction From Jamie Raskin

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Democrats put on quite a spectacle on the Hill as they spoke during a roundtable on Monday about the question of abortion.

The party that doesn’t seem to know what a woman is had a few problems during the hearing, with a few “what the heck” kind of moments, and you have to wonder if the Democrats truly thought about what they were saying.


For example, you had this from Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) calling taking an abortion-inducing drug — killing the unborn child you’re carrying — “life-saving health care.”

Perhaps one of the funniest was this golden moment from Bush when she was arguing the importance of the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone. We’ve seen some priceless moments from Bush in the past, such as when she said she was going to make sure that she had private security, but “defunding the police needs to happen.” If you can’t take Bush’s whole pitch for the drug here, you can skip ahead to the part 35 seconds in that I’m talking about. Watch Rep. Jamie Raskin’s face and his eyebrows when Bush talks about such medications inducing abortions being “a lifeline for the trans folks who face transphobia and bigotry.”

Again, killing is not a lifeline. If it’s a “trans woman” (man) we’re talking about here, that person can’t get pregnant. And they need abortion medication because of transphobia and bigotry? I’m so confused! Our Susie Moore sums it up well, though.


It’s also pretty funny (and a bit disrespectful) that Raskin seemed to be texting while Bush was talking. But maybe he was trying to shut out what she was saying.

The confusion didn’t stop there. While they were talking about abortion, they couldn’t seem to get together on the fact that it’s women who can get pregnant. They kept using the term “birthing people.” Here’s Democrats’ abortion expert, Love Holt, the community engagement manager at Pro-Choice Missouri, explaining how “The Dobbs decision is a death sentence for thousands of black women and birthing people alone in Missouri.”

No, the Dobbs decision sent the question of abortion back to the states to decide. So what Holt is effectively saying here is that she doesn’t care about the greater “democracy” that allowed on the question. How bizarre to call preventing killing a “death sentence” as she does here.

Then here’s another expert who has “they/she” pronouns who says that her life would not be possible if it weren’t for abortion.


No, you had your life already, regardless of whether you had an abortion. But with the abortion/s, you are making other lives “not possible.”

But this one from Holt is something else too, where she starts talking about 400 years since slavery, “book breaking,” and the “matriarch.”

“Here we are, 400 years since slavery in America, and what some would deem a successful book-breaking [?] of our male counterparts, I look at this as an attempt to dethrone the original matriarch, and furthermore, cause bodily restrictions on black bodies,” Holt said.

It’s not “400 years since slavery.” I’m not sure what she’s saying about “book breaking” — maybe she’s talking about “buck-breaking” which refers to punishing/abusing a black male during slavery. And I have no idea what she’s talking about regarding the “original matriarch” or what any of this has to do with the abortion drug, which is what they’re supposed to be talking about.


However, I think the killing of unborn black babies may tend to put some “restrictions” on black bodies. And one wonders: Has she checked on what Margaret Sanger had to say on the matter?


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