Elon Levels Mark Zuckerberg With Just Four Words in the Battle for Free Speech

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Elon Musk has made a big commitment to preserving free speech. It isn’t every day someone spends $44 billion to put their money where their mouth is and make a commitment to that cause as much as he has.


Meanwhile, in the process, he’s had to suffer the slings and arrows of the left, who are not at all happy that he’s unseated them from the control of Twitter. They’re upset that people might say things other than what they want without being suppressed.

On top of that, he now has META trying to undercut Twitter with the launch of Threads as a potential alternative. Musk is already talking about possible legal action, saying “competition is fine” but “cheating” is not. His attorney accused Zuckerberg’s people of misappropriation of trade secrets and intellectual property using knowledge acquired from former Twitter employees. The lawyer sent Zuckerberg a cease and desist letter. Meanwhile, although Threads allegedly got millions of signups, they’re already censoring people on the right with no built-in way for them to appeal, and they’re already asking for all kinds of information from people for data mining. Not exactly a good look. Why would anyone go from a freer platform like Twitter to that?

Musk made the point on Sunday that part of the protection of free speech includes protecting people’s ability to have an anonymous account. He said that he would continue to protect that right, to protect people from being targeted for their speech.


Warning for graphic language:

A user noted the big difference between Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and Musk.

Elon: Protects free speech
Zuck: Protects brand speech

That’s about the size of it; Zuckerberg has stood on the side of the liberal narrative and has shown he’s willing to help enforce it.

That’s when Elon Musk leveled Zuckerberg with four succinct words, and no, this isn’t the Elon parody account—it’s real.

Oh, my. It sounds like Musk has a good bead on Zuckerberg and he isn’t going to hold back on what he thinks of him, especially given Musk thinks Zuckerberg is on the wrong side of the speech battle and that his META team has taken Twitter’s intellectual property. I don’t think he’s talking about Zuckerberg’s wife, but rather the way that Zuckerberg is basically with the folks who want to control speech.

That sounds like some well-deserved trash-talking before their cage fight, but it also goes to the bigger battle here. We’ve seen how tenuous free speech can be when the government inserts itself and tries to shut down anything that might question the narrative, be that on COVID or anything else. We can see how easily it could be to have it taken from us in the blink of an eye since the censorship occurred in many cases under Twitter 1.0, pre-Elon. That’s why it’s critically important that Musk triumph in the battle so that there can be at least one platform that will ensure that freedom.




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