Tucker Carlson Is Living Rent-Free in Adam Kinzinger's Head on Russia

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The world is watching what is happening in Russia with the rebellion/coup or whatever you might call it now underway against the Russian military leadership by the Wagner PMC group controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin. We covered the fighting overnight as they appeared to take Rostov and the Southern Military District Headquarters, with Prigozhin speaking from the scene, and there were reports of fighting in Voronezh, halfway to Moscow from Rostov.


Then Vladimir Putin responded, saying it would be put down. But at the same time, Wagner was still advancing and there were unconfirmed reports about officials including Putin fleeing. Now there are reports they are already in Moscow oblast which would be astounding speed and big trouble for Putin.

Of all the people CNN could have interviewed on the fast-moving and important subject, they interviewed their “senior political commentator” Adam Kinzinger on the topic on Friday night. Can we say how little credibility CNN has when they hire people like Kinzinger, James Clapper, and Andrew McCabe? I guess Kinzinger’s an “expert” because he’s known for constantly tweeting about Ukraine. He spoke to Kaitlan Collins and said that while it would be good to have Putin out of the picture for the world, you have to “think about the instability in Russia that will inevitably come from that. Even if this whole supposed coup fails, there will be some instability in Russia, which has nuclear weapons.”

Kinzinger also said he thought it was good for the war in Ukraine because it drew the Wagner group away from the fight in Ukraine to deal with things in Russia, and it would also pull their people from other areas where they were protecting Russian interests in Africa, Libya, or other places.


But then Kinzinger went over the edge with what he said, somehow pulling Tucker Carlson into this.

This is a massive blow to the Russian republic, and a massive blow to their military effort, and I will also say itโ€™s a massive blow to the people here in the United States, like say Tucker Carlson, who have been parroting Putin talking points, to have Prigozhin, the head of Wagner himself, say those have been lies. There have been a lot of people parroting those Putin lies, and the head of Wagner even just said those are lies.

That’s hilarious that he thinks that Tucker Carlson cares about what he thinks and that he makes this somehow about his hatred of Tucker. It’s sort of a new “Russia, Russia, Russia.” What Kinzinger doesn’t get is that this is what a real insurrection looks like.

Perhaps Kinzinger should be the last one to talk about parroting talking points when he pushed the false story about the “Ghost of Kyiv” who supposedly was a Ukrainian pilot who was shooting down a lot of Russian planes. Someone did a pretty bad photoshop of the infamous Sam Hyde internet joke, and he fell for it. Now that was truly funny.

He also spread this picture which was from 2016 and had nothing to do with the current Ukraine war.

Kinzinger also fell for a fake Tucker Carlson quote manufactured by Joe Walsh.


Kinzinger talks about Tucker Carlson. Maybe instead of being so obsessed with pushing Ukraine talking points, as well as attacking Tucker and Republicans, he should have been more concerned about being accurate himself.

But now that he brings up Tucker, here’s a flashback of one of Tucker’s takes on Kinzinger. Enjoy.



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