Elon Musk Steps in the Way of the Woke With His Stand on 'Cis'

Elon Musk has done a lot with his pushing for free speech on Twitter, and that’s positively impacted a lot of things.

We’re now able to see things said on the platform that, in the past, under the prior owners, would have been suppressed. We’re now able to question the narrative without being immediately booted off the platform. I wrote the other day about the fascinating exchange over Joe Rogan challenging Peter Hotez to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. That never would have happened on Twitter 1.0.


There’s another thing that Musk is doing, and that’s standing in the path of the “woke mind virus,” which he said was pushing “civilization towards suicide” and that it needed to be countered.

We’ve seen from the left an effort to re-order things, from the refusal to define women to redefining other terms. If you are the gender you were assigned at birth, you are now “cisgender,” not just a man or a woman.

But Elon just stepped in the way of the woke when he took up the cause of a man who objected to being attacked with the word on Twitter.

“I receive a slew of messages from trans activists calling me ‘cissy’ and telling me that I am ‘cis’ “whether or not I like it,” Esses said.

Musk responded, stating what the general rule was as to harassment on the platform. Then he also added something else, which is causing a liberal meltdown.


Esses said, “Thank you for standing up for reality, Elon.”

Talk about stepping in it with the left when you challenge the Orwellian language revisionism. The meltdowns on the left were something else.

“Cis” and “cissy” trended on Twitter.

But the vast majority agreed with his take. Musk even commented on a poll that found more than 78 percent agreed with him that it was a slur.

J.K Rowling also weighed in, calling it “ideological language.”

What was also rather intriguing was that people from other places said they weren’t dealing with all this, showing how new and American left-oriented it is — it hasn’t permeated to a lot of the rest of the world.


But that’s what it’s about — a reorientation of language, where all the old is stripped away to create a new order that upends everything, even the basic concepts of men and women. If there is no order and no reality, then you are more willing to accept whatever narrative is pitched to you. Right is wrong, bad is good, and woman is undefinable.

Musk has made it clear which side he’s on in that cultural battle.



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