WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Tells Us What a 'Historic Figure' She Is

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The job of a White House Press Secretary is supposed to be about providing information from the administration to the people, though some who have held the job have translated that to mean that they should not be transparent when they’re asked questions about what is going on.


However, Karine Jean-Pierre is not great at her job under either parameter. She’s constantly searching her binder for the answer, and even then, the answer frequently seems to be that the reporters have to just contact some other agency for the answer because “I can’t speak to that.” So she rarely speaks to anything of consequence and ducks responding to any question that could get her in further trouble. But it’s so obvious that it looks bad when she’s doing it. So she’s not even good at the spin.

But she wants to let us know how historic she and Joe Biden’s administration are.

She is the first openly “LGBTQ” person in the position.

Jean-Pierre said after a year in the role, she’s “incredibly proud” that “many things have made [her] incredibly proud to be at that podium during this historic moment.” She reminded the interviewer, “This is a historic administration. I’m a historic figure. And I certainly walk in history every day, but this is also a historic-making administration because of this president.”


Who calls themself historic like that? As many noted, that seems more than a little egotistical and self-obsessed.

Humility is not a problem for her.

Unfortunately, what she can’t do —- at least not honestly —- is talk about what a great press secretary she is and how good she is at being transparent with the public.

But what gall she has to talk about this administration like that. Although I do agree with her that it’s historic — as in historically bad.

I don’t think we’ve had anyone who has this seriously challenged Jimmy Carter for the title of worst president ever, but I think at this point, Joe Biden may have earned the crown. And the problem is that we still have time left in his term in which he can still do other bad things. He certainly has set historic records for inflation that we haven’t seen in forty years. Then he has the nerve to talk about how he’s brought inflation down by more than half when it’s his policies that helped to drive it up.


Biden’s actions in the Afghanistan withdrawal may have hit historic levels of incompetency, resulting in the deaths of 13 young Americans and the abandonment of hundreds of Americans and allies. Then what did he seem to be focused on? Convincing us of how right he was.

Biden also may have reached historic levels of tale-telling with things he says about himself that are not true. So maybe Jean-Pierre fits right in with this administration in that regard.

People had certainly had some things to say about the remark, but these were a couple of the funnier points.


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