AOC's Shameless Shot at DeSantis About the Bible Shows What a Hypocrite She Is

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I think it’s ghoulish how Democrats have responded in the case of the death of Jordan Neely.

It’s a pretty sad case of a man who didn’t get the help he needed while he was alive, but who had a history of violent behavior toward other people. Marine Daniel Penny stepped in, along with other people, to help restrain Neely after they believed Neely was threatening people. Neely later died, and Penny has been charged with manslaughter in his death, despite witnesses calling him a “hero” for helping to protect people. My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about Al Sharpton’s disgraceful display at the funeral for Neely.


Yet Democrats have ignored Neely’s violent background, along with what the witnesses and Penny have said, and acted as though this was just a guy who liked to imitate Michael Jackson whom Penny just wanted to kill. That’s shameful, and not an honest depiction of the facts. But it fits the narrative of what they want to push, so they don’t care if Penny gets destroyed in the process.

However, let’s not leave out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who was also there at the funeral. You would have thought that AOC was going to a celebrity event, the way that she was smiling and taking selfies with fans from her big, gas-guzzling vehicle that she was in. She also took a lame shot at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, when asked about him calling Penny a “Good Samaritan.”

“I think he should read a Bible,” she exclaimed.

Now, it’s a funeral. At a funeral, it isn’t supposed to be about you, it’s supposed to be about the person who died. The focus is not supposed to be about selfies and photo-ops. But AOC always seems to be about self-promotion—even at a funeral.


There were also a few other interesting things there. When AOC came into office, didn’t she tell us about the climate emergency, that we were running out of time. She said we had 12 years left. ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,’ AOC claimed in Jan. 2019. But there she is in a big gas-guzzler. No hypocrisy there. It also looks like she has security, when she was one of the people pushing to defund the police.

But on top of that, why didn’t she take the subway to get to the funeral? Wouldn’t that have been the best thing for the environment? Is it because she knows that the subway isn’t safe, and New York has failed to address the situation, which is why they had the situation with Jordan Neely? Neely was just one of many homeless and mentally ill people in the subway, and anyone who rides the subway regularly knows it. Far be it from AOC to have to travel in the subway like the rest of us peons, without security.

Again, instead of looking at the reality of the situation, that Penny was acting to help people, she threw that under the bus in order to use the situation to take a shot at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. She’s trying to tell someone else about reading the Bible? Has she ever read it? Maybe she should check the Bible before she calls people “murderers,” as she did to Daniel Penny, and see what it says about bearing false witness against her neighbor.


Nope, for AOC, a virtue-signaling photo-op at a funeral is the way to go.


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