Biden Gets Nailed by Community Notes for 'Bottomless Pinocchio' Lie

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President Joe Biden lies. A lot.

Indeed, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone occupying the office — or frankly, any politician — lie to the degree that he does, and that’s saying something, given the profession is replete with liars. What takes his lying to another level is his complete disregard for the facts. He’s often just making things up because he thinks it makes him look better, even if they couldn’t possibly be true like his infamous story about the Amtrak train conductor, Angelo Negri. He even repeats lies that have been debunked many times like the Negri story and his civil rights involvement.


We see Democrats all freaked out about the lies of Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who is also an alleged serial storyteller. But Santos isn’t occupying the most powerful office in the land, with his finger possibly poised over the nuclear button. Joe Biden is. The Democrats don’t seem to care that the guy is in the White House. That’s a concerning thought, not just because of his lies, but because of his deterioration and incoherence, as well as no one on the left wanting to deal with the reality of it all.

Biden has been helped in part by the media, which doesn’t always call him out on the many lies that he tells. That tends to make him think he can get away with saying anything. But ever since Community Notes was enacted on Twitter, he’s now getting dropped for his lies on the platform. The latest thing they nailed him for was a big lie about reducing the deficit.


“I’m proud of the progress we have made,” Biden claimed. “We reduced the deficit in our first two years by $1.7 trillion. That includes more revenue by asking the wealthy and large corporations to begin to pay their fair share and cutting subsidies to Big Oil and Big Pharma.”

Now, not only is he lying that he did something to reduce the deficit, but he’s also lying about what caused the “reduction” — likely to play to the base to make it look like he’s holding the “corporations” accountable. As Community Notes observes the opposite is true, indeed, he raised the deficit. This is one heck of a great note.

The $1.7 trillion reduction was caused by previously planned expiration of COVID spending. Biden’s actions raised, rather than lowered, the deficit.

This misleading claim has been repeated (& debunked) so often the Washington Post gave it a Bottomless Pinocchio rating.

This is one of the lies that the media has gotten him on, with the Washington Post fact-checker even giving Biden a “bottomless Pinocchio.”

Community Notes has even nailed him before on the very same lie, as we reported, when Biden claimed he was responsible for “the largest deficit reduction in American history.”


But it hasn’t stopped Biden from pushing the lie. That shows how truly shameless he is when it comes to his lies and/or that he has no control or judgment at all about what he’s saying anymore. If Democrats gave a darn, they would have moved him aside. But all they care about is control. That’s going to come back and bite them in the butt come the 2024 election.


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