Biden Tries to Grift off Trump Town Hall -- It Doesn't End Well

Joe Biden has been shown throughout his career in politics to have a great gift — for being wrong about virtually everything.

It’s something that people like Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recognized about Biden when he said Biden was wrong about virtually every foreign policy decision for four decades. Today, he’s still showing he’s wrong about everything from the economy to almost any other issue.


Biden doesn’t seem to even understand what’s going on, much less what moves the American people.

So what did Biden do in the wake of President Donald Trump showing he was fearless and cleaning Kaitlan Collins’ clock at the CNN town hall? Biden was wrong once again in what he posted in response, trying to use Trump’s performance to raise money for his campaign. There’s an old lawyer maxim: Never ask a question that you don’t know the answer to, and Joe did just that, getting creamed by the answer.

“It’s simple, folks,” Biden (or the staffer who’s manning the account while Joe goes to bed) said. “Do you want four more years of that? If you don’t, pitch in to our campaign.”

The problem for Biden? The contrast was so stark when you could see the energy and policy that Trump brought to the stage and the response of the audience versus the daily gaffe routine and destroying America from Joe Biden. Most of the people who responded to Biden on Twitter said yes, we do want “four more years of that (Trump)” because they know now what that means for themselves and America, given how Biden’s policies have crippled America from the border to the economy.


As many noted, Trump spoke off the cuff, without any notes, without any teleprompter for a whole town hall. Joe Biden can’t even get through a few minutes without desperately grabbing for his notes from the handlers that tell him what to do. He could never get through such an unscripted event without major problems. He certainly wouldn’t have dominated or shown the energy Trump did.

Trump had several moments during the town hall. But there was one moment that showed how he’s focused on making the lives of Americans better rather than simply pushing the Democratic agenda like Joe Biden. An audience member asked what would he do to help make her life better and improve the economy (that Biden has trashed). Trump had three simple words.

“Drill, baby, drill,” he said. That would counter the harmful attacks that Biden has made on the energy industry. When Trump was in office, he unleashed the economy, making things better for everyone. All Joe Biden did was drive everyone into inflation with his spending.


Even now, all Biden can do, even with his pitch, is just define himself as “other than Trump.” Yes, you are,Joe. And that’s a bad thing.

He can’t say what he has to offer, because it’s all bad.

As one poster summed it up with a video of El Paso being overrun: Do people want four more years of this madness?


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