White House Tries to Cover up Biden's Embarrassing Remarks About Ilhan Omar and the Quran

White House Tries to Cover up Biden's Embarrassing Remarks About Ilhan Omar and the Quran
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Joe Biden has been making racist comments and troubling remarks about ethnicity for decades.

I wrote about one of his racist remarks in February when he said, “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid. I know where the power is,” Biden said, during a Black History Month event. But it’s not just a “gaffe,” it’s a feature of who he is, and there are countless examples. It seems like it’s something he just can’t stop. Now with his continued deterioration, his problems just seem to be getting worse.

On Monday, Biden threw a reception, celebrating Eid al-Fitr. But even at such an event, where he was trying to recognize Muslims, he still managed to trip over himself.

He had his obligatory battle with the teleprompter, “Muslims surveyed and served very, very bravely in the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement.” They both start with “s,” Joe, but not quite the same words.

Then he mispronounced Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s name. How are you as old as Joe Biden and not know how to pronounce Kareem’s name?

“And the cheer from Muslim — we cheer for Muslim athletes, like Kareem Alj- — Alj- — Abdul-Jabbar. I know him, and I still mispronounced his name. But he calls me ‘Joe Bid-en’ once in a while.” No, I’m fairly certain Kareem doesn’t call him that, that’s what he says sometimes when he mispronounces someone’s name.

Biden recognized a few people who were in the audience including “Congressman Omar” and told her that he was going to get into trouble for calling her “beautiful.’

I didn’t know Ilhan Omar was a man. But given the Democrats’ belief that you can identify as anything, who knows? But also, once again you have the Joe Biden thing about women and girls. I suppose she’s lucky that he didn’t climb off the stage and sniff her. She’s probably a little older than most of the people to whom he does that.

But instead of acknowledging his mistake of calling her a man, here’s what the White House transcript said.

Click on to enlarge:

This is just wrong — it’s the official record and it’s supposed to be reflecting the official record, not the lies covering up what we can hear him saying. They’ve done this multiple times and need to be held to account for this.

The transcript also tried to clean up a bigger problem — when Biden called the Quran the “Quorum.”

“You know, the Quorum teaches that, “One of His highest signs is the creation of heavens and earth.”

However, this is what the transcript said:

So they cleaned that up too, changing it to “Quran” and adding a “the” before “heavens.” That’s editing out the bad, that’s not a “transcript.”

Perhaps his worst remark of the night was when a member of the audience told him there was a Muslim federal judge there that he should be recognizing that he had not. Biden then acknowledged the judge but then said to whoever it was talking, “Hush up, boy,” sounding like he was channeling a Southern accent.

Is this what Joe picked up from those lunches with his segregationist senator buddies? Yikes. Maybe don’t be calling any of the guests who are adult males “boy” like they’re your children or your servant.

We mentioned there are countless examples of racist and troubling comments. Here’s a more than seven-minute collection of them, and that’s not even all of them.

Strangely, while they tried to cover up his other remarks, that one was still in the transcript, although it didn’t identify to whom he responded.

But that’s Joe Biden in a nutshell, and it’s only going to get worse as he deteriorates more.

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