WATCH: 'Trans Activist' Flips out at TPUSA Table at University of Washington

Trans activist upends TPUSA table at University of Washington. (Credit: Rachel Anderson/TPUSA)

We saw how out of control some on the left got during the scary episode involving Riley Gaines at San Francisco State University where she was assaulted and then trapped in a room for three hours with a howling mob chanting against her outside, while the University police were afraid to do anything in response.


The University officials haven’t even acknowledged the assault or what a problem it was, instead, they appeared to praise the students, rather than being concerned about the safety of a speaker invited to their campus. Gaines has said that she is considering legal action and they “wouldn’t be able to ignore my lawsuit.”

Gaines was invited by Turning Point USA, and this wasn’t the first time we’ve seen leftist violence against speakers they invite or TPUSA people.

There was another incident that happened at the University of Washington on Thursday. The conservative student group had a table out on the campus when they were approached by a person who then began to verbally assail the people at the table. Rachel Anderson, a TPUSA field representative, caught the action on video as the person accused TPUSA of “supporting the genocide of trans kids.” They don’t support the “genocide” of anyone. But that didn’t stop the person from losing it at them.

“That’s such an assumption,” the student at the table said.

“Yeah,” the trans activist said. “With all this sh*t,” pointing to the things on the table.

The TPUSA person asked the trans activist to identify anything on the table that was “anti-trans.” Instead of doing that, likely because the activist could not, the activist said, “You’re TPUSA, you dumb b**ches. Whatever,” and then upended the table in a fit of rage.


“Get the f**k off my campus, you Nazi,” the activist screamed before trying to quickly walk away. But it was a bit too late because Anderson got it all on video. Fortunately, it didn’t appear that anyone was hurt.

TPUSA released a statement about the incident and noted this was a continuing issue.

Our students and their field staff supporters are the frontlines for so many of these cultural debates and controversies,” the spokesperson said. “They are subjected to being called the most horrible names, shunned and doxxed by fellow students, and persecuted by teachers and administrators. And they’re used to that. The organization is prepared for it. But the level of vitriol and anger that’s coming from the radical Trans Movement recently has been unlike anything we’ve seen. Rarely is there any debate or discussion? It almost always starts and ends with threats, tantrums and displays exactly like the one you see in this video from University of Washington. It’s unfortunate and it’s sad for these individuals, but it won’t deter TPUSA.”

Unlike the ridiculous statements from SFSU about the Riley Gaines assault, the University of Washington gave what sounded like a good statement that acknowledged the incident and said they were taking action.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier this week in which an individual flipped over a table being staffed by members of a UW Registered Student Organization, ‘Turning Point USA at UW.’ The University of Washington Police Department is in the process of investigating the incident and will pursue appropriate charges, if and when a suspect is identified,” Ma said. “Every student and member of our community has a right to peacefully express themselves without fear of intimidation, which is why actions like this are wholly unacceptable.”


Now, that’s not hard, that’s the proper reaction. Everyone has the right to speak without fear of violence. When you address it properly and there are consequences, that tends to limit the violence and craziness. But when you act like that’s normal or acceptable behavior, you get more of it and it gets out of control, as we saw with SFSU.

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