Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Expose the Biden Team in Brilliant Grilling of Mayorkas

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz grill Alejandro Mayorkas during hearing. (Credit: Daily Caller)

Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas testified, on Tuesday, before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding how the Biden administration has been dealing with the border crisis. I think it’s fair to say that it did not go well.


He testified a couple of weeks ago before the House and he got caught in a lie there. It didn’t go any better before the Senate.

Mayorkas was ripped apart by the committee which, at this point, has rightfully lost patience with the Biden team’s inability and lack of desire to do anything to deal with the crisis at the border.

Indeed, as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) exposed, Mayorkas’ head is so buried in the sand, he refuses to even acknowledge that the border crisis is a “crisis.” Listen as Cruz questions him and he won’t even acknowledge what we all know to be true, with a record number of illegal aliens flooding across the border.

Although Mayorkas wouldn’t admit it is a crisis, Cruz pointed out that the Chief of the Border Patrol has.

Cruz then asked whether the crisis at the border has made Americans less safe. That also should be a simple answer if you are being honest. But Mayorkas didn’t want to answer that question either. “One word. One syllable. Three letters. That’s how someone answers a question and does their job. You’re being a politician misleading the American people.” He gave him one more chance but Mayorkas still refused to answer the question.


Then Cruz pulled out the receipts, showing Mayorkas the crisis that he was refusing to acknowledge, showing pictures of the people flooding across. Cruz then asked what the different colored wristbands he was showing in a picture were. Mayorkas professed not to know.

Cruz, in disbelief, then said how that showed that Mayorkas was incompetent for not knowing that the wristbands indicate how much the illegal aliens owe the cartels and there are thousands of them littered along the border. He pointed out how the Biden policies have helped turned the cartels into multi-billionaire organizations when each illegal alien has to pay thousands to get across.

“These are modern-day leg irons!” Cruz thundered. “There are children being sold into sex slavery, and you don’t even know what they are! That is astonishing.” Cruz said children were being sold into slavery, being raped with these actions by the cartels, and that if Mayorkas had “any integrity” he “would resign.” He decimated Mayorkas, saying the officers of the border patrol despised him because he would allow children to be raped, “to follow political orders.”


Mayorkas was given time to rebut what Cruz said. But being a coward, he couldn’t, “What the Senator said was revolting. I’m not going to address it.”

Cruz then delivered the final shot, “Your refusal to do your job is revolting!”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) also pummeled Mayorkas, pointing out how the app that the Biden team had come up with and trumpeted doesn’t vet the people coming in with any real questions. Illegal aliens are still just released into the country.

“Rather than building a wall, Mr. Secretary, you have built Ticketmaster for illegal immigrants,” Hawley said. Mayorkas then claimed that Hawley and the Texas Monthly are “mistaken.”

On top of that, Mayorkas admitted under questioning from Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) that he didn’t know that cartels “flood the border” with people to overwhelm agents. “I am not aware of that as a strategy,” Mayorkas said. Virtually everyone knows this and it’s been testified to again and again, yet the guy who is supposed to be in charge of the response isn’t aware of it? How does this guy still have a job?


“You’ve simply lost all credibility, Mr. Secretary,” Cornyn said.

Amen, he needs to go.



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