McCarthy Exposes Media and J6 Committee for Their Hypocrisy Over J6 Footage

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is standing by his decision to allow Tucker Carlson access to the Jan. 6 video footage. He’s not shy about calling out the hypocrisy of the media and the Democrats who are freaking out over it.


I don’t know which reporter asks the first question in the video below, but it was classic media mischaracterization of what Carlson reported, claiming that Carlson “downplayed” Officer Brian Sicknick’s death. He did not. Unlike the media and the Democrats, he told the truth about it, which was that Sicknick was not beaten as the media and Democrats had claimed. Indeed, he died the next day from natural causes. The reporter asked McCarthy if he regretted giving Carlson access to the footage so he could “whitewash” the events of that day.

McCarthy said it was about “transparency,” something the Democrats and media don’t seem to want. The media and the Democrats had been trying to pull out the “security” question to ding him for the release. But he pointed out the rank hypocrisy of that effort, explaining that CNN had given away the secret location members were taken to during the riot on Jan. 6. Because of that, “I don’t even know, from the point of view of security, if we can ever be taken there again,” McCarthy explained.

McCarthy also addressed how the Jan. 6 Committee wasn’t fair which was why he wanted that transparency. The Committee only put on the video footage that fit their narrative. McCarthy said he had worked with the Capitol Police to make sure there were no issues with security in the footage that was released to Tucker Carlson. But what was interesting, McCarthy said, was that while he checked with the Capitol Police to ensure security, he said they told him the Jan. 6 Committee never did check with them for the footage that they used for their witch hunt partisan exercise. They never vetted anything they showed during their hearings. So among other things, they showed Vice President Mike Pence being evacuated. McCarthy said they also showed his office and never asked him if they should.


Given the gasket the Committee blew about security regarding the release of videos to Tucker, this shows the Democrats’ rank hypocrisy. It sounds like they didn’t give a darn about what security precautions they might be revealing — until they thought they could use it as a criticism to attack Carlson and McCarthy. Bottom line? If you’re arguing against transparency like the Democrats and some of the media, you’re on the wrong side of this issue.


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