Elon Musk Levels the Jan. 6 Committee in Reaction to Video Footage

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

I reported on the Jan. 6 video footage that Tucker Carlson revealed on his show last night after he had been given access to the thousands of hours of footage of that day by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).


There were a variety of lies and manipulations that he exposed in the show, for example, showing that the “QAnon Shaman” was led through the building by the police and that no one seemed to make any move at all to stop him — indeed they seemed to help him get where he was going. No police officers were killed during the Jan. 6 riot, yet media and Democrats repeatedly claimed police officers had been killed on that day. Joe Biden even claimed it involved rioters “breaking down the doors, trying to overturn the outcome of election, killing several police officers in the meantime.”

State Freedom Caucus Network Communications director Greg Price made a list of his takeaway as to what was covered.

That got the attention of Twitter owner Elon Musk who had a few things to say about the Jan. 6 Committee that are likely to infuriate them.


One thing you have to say about Musk — he certainly is fearless. He has things to say and he’s not going to let the power of anyone or the threats to go after him stop him from saying what is on his mind. In the social media world before Elon, we likely wouldn’t have even been able to share the clips and talk about them without facing being suspended and/or banned. That’s how much things have changed, and he helped that a lot.

Now the Democrats and folks on the left are melting down over the footage and this criticism. But the Committee could have released all this information before, instead of just pitching a carefully scripted narrative that served their political purposes. Instead, they hired an ABC producer to help put out their narrative. They wanted to smear their colleagues like Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) and suggest there was somehow Republican involvement in the riot.

The release has opened the eyes of many, and that can’t make the narrative pushers happy.



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