The Jaw-Dropping Twitter Troll of Biden's Deputy Press Sec

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden and his team just keep showing us how incompetent they are at their jobs. We see constant examples of it every day. We saw it when Biden couldn’t be bothered to give a response to a reporter about Putin saying he was going to suspend the START nuclear treaty. We saw it with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday, confusing her boss with Barack Obama. We saw Pete Buttigieg finally making it to East Palestine, but then not pronouncing the name correctly, having a horrible Freudian slip, and falsely blaming the train derailment that occurred on former President Donald Trump.


The problem is the Biden team all just seem to be dialing it in and not paying attention to the things they should be paying attention to. Biden’s Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Communications Advisor for Strategic Responses Andrew Bates may have just found out the hard way that’s not the way to do things. He shared a video of Karine Jean-Pierre’s remarks that had been posted by Greg Price and retweeted another video from Price.

But Price is a Republican strategist. That’s when Price saw an opportunity and went into troll overdrive.

When you share a video posted by someone else, Twitter runs the name of the poster of the original video underneath, showing “From so and so.” Suddenly, Price had a name change, so it appeared like this in Bates’ timeline. Check the bottom of the tweet.

Then with the retweet, it of course shows the name of the original tweeter.


Some “strategic response” from the Biden team!

The funny thing was that he couldn’t even delete it if he wanted to because they can’t delete it from a government account, as Price observed.

Bates had to wait until Price relented and changed his name back to his normal name.

I’m thinking that Bates may have just learned to post his own video and not post other people’s after this little misadventure.



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