CNN and Reuters Just Let Slip a Small Problem With Those Air Raid Sirens During Biden's Ukraine Visit

Unfortunately, everything with Joe Biden has to be questioned given that he and his team are completely lacking in transparency and do everything for political purposes.


Even the trip to Ukraine, designed to try to make him look tough in the wake of not responding soon enough to the Chinese spy balloon, appears to have been, in some part “show” — drama designed for the cameras, to make Joe Biden look less like a stumbling buffoon and more like a courageous leader.

Doesn’t he look courageous as he steps out, tottering along with Zelensky, as the air raid sirens blare?

The description — “Hollywood style” — might not just have been the look of it. Turns out now CNN and Reuters have a few things to say about those air raid sirens that were going off.

CNN’s Alex Marquardt reported he’d been there for five days, there were no explosions and no sirens, that they just came on about a half hour before, right when Biden was taking his stroll.

Funny how that happened, sure is one heck of a coincidence.

Usually, when air raid sirens go off, you are rushing to shelters or underground bunkers, not walking sedately down the street, posing for the camera — assuming actual explosions and attacks are going on. Reuters even captured a picture of Biden appearing to hit his mark — it looks like he’s standing on a red mark drawn on the street for him to stand on. Look at this picture under his right foot.


But Reuters also reported there were no Russian missiles and no air strikes.

So why were the sirens going off? Just to make it all look more dramatic for Joe Biden? As I previously reported, the Biden team even notified Russia that he was going there, even while still keeping it secret from us, expressly to avoid any issues. If there was any missile danger, I highly doubt the security would just be hanging around there — and the Secret Service would have whisked him out of there and/or never let him be there, to begin with.

It’s high theater, at this point.


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