CNN Hit by Yet Another Scandal, Connected to Jake Tapper's Show

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At this point, I have to think that CNN CEO Chris Licht must be somewhere behind the scenes, tearing his hair out. Because if he hoped to change the network back into a news network (and I say if), he seems to be being thwarted at every turn by the bad personnel with whom he has been left to deal.


Licht fired a bunch of them, including Brian Stelter and John Harwood. But the ratings for the network have been the worst in nine years and on top of that, Don Lemon, who was demoted to a morning show slot, co-hosting with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, seems to be throwing incessant tantrums and may not be long for the show.

On top of all that, there’s yet another scandal popping off now at CNN involving the top producer on Jake Tapper’s show.

We saw the scandal that forced Jeff Zucker out. It should have been his horrible partisanship for the Democratic narrative that forced him out, but it was the scandal of a relationship with one of his subordinates, another top executive, Allison Gollust.

Now, “The Lead with Jake Tapper” executive producer was fired last week for “hooking up with a subordinate,” according to both Fox and the NY Post. He had already been under investigation for an inappropriate relationship with a producer.

A CNN insider told Fox News Digital that “complaints were made” about Quadrani, and last Wednesday someone brought direct evidence of the inappropriate relationship directly to Tapper. The CNN anchor then went to human resources and informed executives, and his top producer was fired by Friday.

CNN declined to comment when reached by Fox News Digital.

The Post referred to Quadrani as Tapper’s “right hand man” who worked with the CNN anchor for a decade. Tapper joined CNN in 2013 after a tenure at ABC News.


According to the Daily Mail, the mid-level female subordinate with whom Quadrani had a relationship was also fired. Quadrani is married and lives in Maryland. Quadrani used to work for Zucker when he was at NBC, but he didn’t learn anything from Zucker’s scandal with a subordinate that forced both of them out, so he seems to be imitating Zucker in a rerun.

CNN isn’t talking, but you have to think that Licht has to be wondering what’s next. He was left a sinking ship, but nothing he’s doing is working. I’m not sure he can right the ship even if he got rid of all the trouble points and the Democratic operatives at the network because so many people have already given up on it.



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