New Info on 'Object' Just Shot Down Reveals Glaring Problem for Biden Team

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The confusion of the Biden administration seems to continue.

While NORAD issued a statement last night saying there was an “anomaly” and they said they didn’t see anything when they went to look, now we’re hearing on Sunday that they are saying that the object shot down over Lake Huron is likely the same object as that spotted over Montana.


The NORAD report was that they didn’t judge it a “kinetic military threat.”


So how did they have radar, tell Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) there was an object and then they found nothing? That’s something they need to figure out, otherwise we’re sitting there with our borders exposed. That’s a glaring problem that needs to be resolved, and in a hurty. It just says again that there’s a big problem here with both detection and reacting to these things. All of these three objects penetrated American airspace for some time before they were taken down.



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