New Report Reveals the Depths of Fetterman's Problems

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It was a shameful thing that Democrats were so concerned about power and holding onto the Senate that they kept John Fetterman in the race despite his medical problems. After one has a stroke, one should be trying to recover, not running for the Senate and putting more strain on their health.


Unfortunately, Fetterman is having more problems, which one likely could have predicted. As we reported, Fetterman was hospitalized on Wednesday after experiencing lightheadedness while he was at a Democratic retreat in Washington, D.C. A later update then said although there were no signs of a new stroke or seizure, which was good, he was still being monitored with an EEG for signs of seizure.

But it turns out, even beyond the issue that he’s presently dealing with, he’s struggling to adjust to life in the Senate with his limitations. There’s a new report that among the issues he’s dealing with is the depth of his cognitive issues. According to the report, he hears people speaking like the way you hear the voice of the teacher from the “Peanuts” cartoon. Here’s a sample of that, if you don’t get the reference.


Fetterman has to carry around a closed captioning device to have conversations since he can’t understand what people are saying on his own. They’ve wired his office and the Senate chamber so closed captions can be typed out for him by professional broadcast captioners. Even with all that help, he’s refusing to take questions from reporters in the Senate hallways because he can’t understand them. His fellow Democratic senators also tried to downplay it, with folks like Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) saying, “There are a lot of people out there who understand disability, and understand struggle.” Yes, there are, but you also want to have people in the position who can fully serve. If you can’t even understand what people are saying in the hallway, that’s a big problem.


They didn’t want us to fully understand the depth of his issues before the election, they tried to downplay it all before as not a major thing. Indeed, Fetterman said he would be much better by January, as he insulted his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

It’s February, and unfortunately, he’s not better. Indeed, he still cannot understand people without machine help. The neurologist above, unfortunately, was correct. Democrats claimed raising any concerns about his health was tantamount to attacking the “disabled,” when you had a right to know the full nature of his condition in deciding whether or not to vote for him.

Fetterman’s people are not responding to Fox News Digital’s request for comments on his hospitalization, so once again, we have to wonder if we are being told everything and they’re not being straight with us.




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