Bill Maher Rips Apart the 'Woke Revolution' and the Connections to Communism

(Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)

As a Chinese spy balloon was floating over the United States, China and the repressive nature of Communism was on the mind of many people including the host of HBO “Real Time” Bill Maher.


Maher joked about the balloon being over Montana.

“Now they know where we keep the cows,” Maher said. He said the Chinese were denying that the balloon was spying. “That’s what TikTok is for,” he declared.

Then Maher took on the woke revolution, and how they wanted to reinvent the nature of human beings. This may be one of the best takes he’s done. Maher made the comparison to how that such thought in Communism worked out in places like Russia and China, with the Red Guard and public shaming. Or rather how it didn’t work out for the millions they tried to re-educate and those they killed. The problem with Communism and some recent ideologies here is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it, Maher said.

Just like Chinese Communism that wanted to get rid of the “four olds,” you see today’s American leftists want to toss underfoot the statues of Abraham Lincoln and all those old white guys. All that old stuff must be swept away for today’s woke enlightened thought and if you don’t like it, you will be re-educated.

To illustrate that, Maher cited the story of Jason Kilborn, a University of Illinois Chicago School of Law professor accused of engaging in behaviors that made some students of color feel uncomfortable. On an exam, he alluded to two racial slurs in a hypothetical question on a black female worker suing an employer. Complaints ensued, and he was banned from campus and had to undergo sensitivity training and write five self-reflective essays.

That was the modern version of what the Red Guard was doing. “If you can’t see the similarities between (Kilborn) and that, the person who needs reeducation is you,” Maher said.


How dare banjo player Winston Marshall read, much less speak approvingly of a book by Andy Ngo about Antifa. He was made to take time out from his band and write a pitiful apology for the “pain” he had caused, an apology that has become all too common when people tread over the leftist line in the sand

“Pain from a book?” Maher asked. “Not unless he hit the drummer over the head with it.” But they need to write an apology to prove that they have now complied with the narrative. It should be noted that Marshall later retracted that apology and quit the band, putting everything on the line to do so.

Maher pointed to John Lennon’s song “Revolution,” which was the opposite of a call to revolution, with the line about carrying pictures of Chairman Mao (which the Red Guard did to prove their purity) “ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.”

“There was a guy who understood how good intentions could turn into the insane arrogance of thinking your revolution is so f**king awesome and your generation is so mind-bendingly improved, that you have bequeathed the world with a new kind of human,” Maher said. Foreign Communists wanted you to believe that humans were no longer selfish. Here in the U.S., that humans are no longer born boys or girls, and obesity is not something that affects health. He said he used to mock Republicans, but now he has to mock leftists who think biology is just a theory.


Folks who used to live under Communist oppression are sounding all the alarm bells about what they’re seeing in America now. They went through it before, they know what the signs are. We’re seeing that forced Cultural Revolution narrative now.

But there are far more people calling it out now and pushing back against it. It’s a battle for the future that we must win.


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