People Arrested at NYC Protest Show Exactly the Problem With Dem Approach to Law Enforcement

Protest gets violent in NYC's Times Square. Credit: Sarah Williamson

We saw some of the violence that went on in New York City in the wake of the release of the horrible video of the beating of Tyre Nichols.

People are legitimately upset with the actions of the police in this case.


But in NYC, you also had the radical leftists who are pushing their political agenda, no matter the reason or the cause. Everything is an argument about why the current order should be shifted to the left. The march in NYC, which featured the Party of Socialism and Liberation leading the way, dissolved into violence in Times Square when a man began stomping on a police car and breaking the windshield. Police tried to arrest him and then others tried to free him. Then the police were trying to make another arrest, reportedly of one of the organizers of the march, when a woman intervened and started allegedly punching at cops.

Now there’s information about the background of those allegedly behind the violence and it says everything about the problems that we have in leftist areas that refuse to take crime seriously.

The person arrested for punching the two cops, Candy Nicole, 25, was released on her own recognizance, without even having to post any bail. Prosecutors didn’t even bother to ask for bail – for allegedly punching cops. Her attorney even claimed that she was a victim of “unnecessary police force.” Nicole also has a prior arrest in October for “forcible touching” in an incident where she grabbed a man’s testicles during an argument. Shameful that they don’t even think that allegedly punching two cops should require bail, particularly with a violent prior arrest.


Then there was the guy who stomped on the police car, allegedly Argenis Rivera, 33. He shouldn’t even have been out, because just like Nicole, he was previously arrested in October for allegedly punching and strangling a mom who was pushing her 2-year-old in a stroller. He also allegedly threatened another woman who was nearby by putting keys to her throat, punching her, and pinning her to the ground. He allegedly punched a doorman in August but was released without bail under NY’s ridiculous bail laws. Additionally, Rivera has 13 prior arrests. He at least was slapped with a $10,000 bail and it’s not clear if he got out.

Why were either of these two people out on the street? How do you allegedly punch two cops and are let out without bail, with the prosecutors not even asking for bail? But this is New York, this is the result of the lax bail laws pushed by the Democrats, which are endangering people right before our eyes.



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