Noted Legal Scholar Whoopi Goldberg Goes Over the Edge for Biden on Classified Docs

Whoopi Goldberg on "The View." Credit: Ncholas Fondacaro.

We’ve seen the ladies of “The View” say a lot of dumb things to justify Democrats and the liberal narrative.

But somehow they always seem to keep lowering that bar and Whoopi Goldberg took that deep dive.


You know you’re getting into trouble when “The View” is talking about classified documents. That’s a bit like Geraldo Rivera or Joe Biden talking about guns. Whoopi tried to justify the five different batches of classified documents found at Biden’s home and the Penn Biden Center.

“Presidents and vice presidents can declassify these. Not with their brains. You have to go — there is something that you go through before it’s declassified,” Whoopi claimed.

“It was expanded right after that George Bush put it into place because George Bush made it so presidents could declassify – Obama stretched it to vice presidents.

So, given – I wish they would say all that while they’re explaining what’s going on because if you say, you know, “a classified document,” everybody goes, “Oh my God! How dare he keep that?!”

“And if these guys can declassify, presidents and vice presidents can declassify, are we chasing our tail with some of this?”

Now people discussing the question of the vice president’s declassification powers point to an executive order from Barack Obama in 2009 that says the vice president has the power to classify. Some interpret that therefore to mean he can declassify anything, although that had not been legally tested. He can declassify what his office has classified.


But there is, of course, no evidence that Biden declassified anything. Indeed, the Biden team isn’t even claiming that and it would be a little hard to make that claim since Biden seems to have taken the tack that he was “surprised” that any of these documents existed in his possession in his office at the Penn Biden Center and at his home. If Biden isn’t even claiming it, that means he likely knows he can’t support such a claim. But on top of that, there are now in the fifth find classified documents from when he was in the Senate. So no, he could not declassify those in any way. So Whoopi’s argument just fails all the way around.

Alyssa Farah Griffin countered Whoopi saying there was no evidence Biden declassified the documents and that the Biden team wasn’t even claiming that.

She also noted that “cooperating” now doesn’t change the fact that he wrongly removed the documents, to begin with.


That caused Whoopi to go over the edge again, “Well we don’t know he had them wrongly. We don’t know. We don’t. This is the crap…” Yes, Whoopi, we do. Biden isn’t even claiming it. He shouldn’t have removed any of them — and then, they’re in three different locations, exposed to the world. Not to mention the Senate documents, which can’t be argued away.

Bottom line, the liberals on “The View” just keep trying to spin anything they can to help Biden. But as much as they try, it’s not working.


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