CNN and ABC Nail Schiff and Raskin on the Biden Classified Documents Scandal

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I reported earlier about how some Democrats are not happy with Joe Biden’s response on his classified documents scandal.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) had to admit to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that what Joe Biden did after he’d lambasted President Donald Trump for being irresponsible about classified documents was certainly “embarrassing.”


But the Democrats also deployed some of their people to spin on behalf of Joe Biden and let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

CNN and ABC also had Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on, respectively.

CNN’s Jake Tapper laid out some of the problems — that the White House hadn’t informed people about the first find until this past week and even then when they did, they didn’t mention the second find, “It’s hard to argue that the [Biden admin] has been transparent and told the American people about this as soon as they could’ve.”

Raskin claimed that it was a very “rapid clip” at which we found out about it, which wasn’t true at all — Biden has had the documents for years, and they didn’t tell us for at least two months after they found it. Trying to deflect to Trump with false information doesn’t change that fact. Trump has a right to presidential records, but Biden didn’t have a right to take any of those documents and certainly didn’t have a right to keep them insecure for years. So finding out fast or not doesn’t change the fact that Biden improperly held them.


Tapper asked a great question, “By Biden’s own standard, wasn’t Biden ‘totally irresponsible’ with classified information?” Don’t we have a right to wonder what data was in there that may have compromised sources and methods, Tapper asked. The answer is simply yes, “irresponsible” is a kind description when he shouldn’t have been removing them at all.

But Raskin refused to acknowledge the truth. He again refused to just look at Biden and tried to deflect to Trump, saying we should keep a “sense of proportion” between having a “government document that should no longer be in your possession” compared to “inciting a violent insurrection.” Again, lying about Trump doesn’t change what Biden did.

Then Schiff went on ABC with Jonathan Karl and he didn’t have a lot of success either.

This was how Karl introduced the subject. Like Tapper, he wasn’t skipping over the cover-up over the past couple of months, noting also that we only found out about this because of reporting, not because the White House owned up to it first and told us.


What was Schiff’s response when Karl questioned him? Schiff said he was going to “reserve judgment” and that it “looks like it was inadvertent” in these locations. Um, really, how did the classified documents migrate from where they were supposed to be to those three different locations, and maybe other locations, since the ones at the Penn Biden Center had to be somewhere else before they were there since Biden left the vice presidency in 2017 and the Center didn’t open until 2018. Does Schiff want us to think that the documents walked out of their secure location in the government into Joe’s home and office? How is it “inadvertent” if he removed them when he had no right to them?


I don’t think anyone was buying the spin from Schiff and Raskin. If you can’t even convince CNN’s Tapper and ABC’s Karl of your position when they’re perfectly happy to spin all day long for Democrats, then you know that there’s a big problem with your story.


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