Acosta Gets Mocked Into Next Week Over His Effort to Shill for Biden on Classified Docs

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CNN has booted some of their more extreme people who were acting like Democratic operatives including Brian Stelter and John Harwood.

But unfortunately for them, they haven’t fully cleaned house yet, so I’m not sure that anyone is taking their transformation seriously yet. They still have Jim Acosta on the payroll and he’s still being the embarrassing Democratic shill that he’s always been.


Acosta was trying to defend Joe Biden over his classified document scandal by attacking what he called the Republican take on it all.

Acosta claimed the Republican argument was that Joe Biden wasn’t “mentally fit to hold office, and yet, he’s supposed to be this — in the minds of some Republicans — this criminal mastermind who is holding onto these documents for some nefarious reason.” “Does that make any sense?” Acosta complained.

First, I haven’t heard one Republican call Joe Biden a “criminal mastermind,” so that’s Acosta pulling things out of his posterior. I don’t think any Republican thinks Joe Biden is any kind of a mastermind at anything. So that says something about the dishonesty of Jim Acosta, I dare him to point to one Republican who called Joe Biden a criminal mastermind. Now, I think that some might believe that he could have removed documents related to Ukraine, but that wouldn’t take a criminal mastermind, just a dumb criminal quite frankly, which completely fits with everything we know and believe about Joe Biden.

But the hilarious thing about Acosta’s response is he’s essentially saying he can’t be a criminal mastermind because he’s too “mentally unfit,” if those are your two choices. I’m thinking that’s a pretty poor defense of Joe Biden to imply that he’s incompetent.


Taking classified documents and losing them all over the place for years is the opposite of a “mastermind.” Joe Biden left classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette, then tried to sell us on how secure that was because he locks up his Corvette. If you’re keeping classified documents next to the other garbage in your garage including the old broken lamp, and then you try to argue that’s good, I’m thinking you’re pretty stupid if you think anyone is going to buy this.

But this is where they’re trying to go with this, say he was just a poor confused soul who inadvertently left them all over the place. But that’s not a defense.

Let’s also note that it was CNN and the Democrats who were the ones who tried to do exactly what Acosta is claiming about Republicans without evidence.

People mocked Acosta’s take.


I’m thinking CNN’s effort to change is not going well.


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