Sen. John Kennedy Sums up the Biden Classified Docs Scandal as Only He Can

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At this point, if you wanted to make up a story of how bad Joe Biden was, you couldn’t have come up with anything much worse than what he’s done to himself with this classified documents scandal. No one would have believed that you could have Joe Biden leaving classified documents everywhere, even in a garage next to his Corvette. It’s like they took everything he and the Democrats accused President Donald Trump of (without the excuse of being president, the Presidential Records Act, and being able to declassify things) and made it stupid–including with a handy-dandy cover-up on top of it all, by not telling us about finding the documents starting two months ago.


But no one can quite sum up a situation like Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), “I find all of this surreal.”

Kennedy say it was a bit “like watching a Quentin Tarantino movie,” and that if it wasn’t for “double standards, there wouldn’t be any standards at all.” He thinks that the Attorney General had to appoint a special counsel as he did earlier on Thursday, “I’m not sure he had a choice.”

He continues, “The White House has tried, and the White House doesn’t have enough hazmat suits to clean up this mess.”

Kennedy notes that aside from the fact that the Justice Department is investigating President Donald Trump for something Joe Biden “may have done,” there are a lot of other “intriguing questions” to be answered. He has four of them. “Number one: was there a cover-up? Uh, uh, the powers that be have known about this since Nov. 2. It’s now the middle of January. Was there a cover-up? Who was involved?”

“Number two: what’s the role of the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center in all of this? The Penn Biden Center is not some normal Ivy League think tank,” Kennedy says.


Kennedy explains that it was a D.C. “hangout, a clubhouse” for Joe Biden and his people. He then speaks about the tens of millions of dollars from China. Now, the University has gotten millions from China, the Penn Biden Center has denied that it got funding from China, but we also haven’t seen where they got their funding from. So, that’s a good question to pursue, particularly when there are concerns about who might have had access to the documents when they were at the Penn Biden Center.

“Number three: what’s the role of the National Archives in all this?” Kennedy continues. He makes the great point that the National Archives was very vocal when it came to Trump, but in this case, hasn’t made any public statements. Are we seeing once again a “two-tiered system of justice” and a reaction only when it pertains to a Republican as opposed to a Democrat? Kennedy says they’ve been “missing in action” here: “You couldn’t have found them with a search party. We still haven’t heard from them.”

His fourth question is “did any member of Congress know about this?” He says he didn’t know, and “[he’d] like to know why [he] didn’t.”

Those are some great questions. I’m not betting a lot on the special counsel doing much more than allowing them to say they’re doing something. I’m pretty sure that’s why they appointed him so quickly. That also allows White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to say, “We can’t comment because of the special counsel investigation.” We’re probably going to have to count on the Republicans to press to get answers here. Chief among them, to me, would be that number one and number four of Kennedy’s questions: who knew what, when, and why was it covered up?



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