MSNBC's Horrible Spin on 'At Least' One More Set of Biden Classified Docs

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I previously speculated, if we were to believe what Joe Biden said about the classified documents found at his office at the Penn Biden Center–he had no idea how they got there–that could mean that he might have classified documents anywhere, and there could be more. If he’s that irresponsible, who knows what he could have taken away and where those things might be?


Little did I know how quickly that would prove to be true. Now, there’s another report that there has been a second set of classified documents found someplace other than at the Penn Biden Center. MSNBC is out with a report on those new documents, and it’s a festival of downplaying the situation, which can only be said to be getting worse for Joe Biden now.

NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian says that aides to Biden had conducted an “exhaustive search” to make sure they’d gathered up “all the classified documents that went to the wrong place.” He doesn’t say exactly when that search was occurring–just now, or since November. But there weren’t supposed to be any classified documents at all; they just didn’t go to “the wrong place.” Dilanian says they were told the Biden people had found “at least one additional batch.” Notice the “at least.” Yikes, are there even more? How many more are there?

“We don’t know if this was anything more than inadvertent error by whoever was packing the documents when they were leaving the Biden [Obama] White House,” Dilanian says.

Fascinating. We don’t know that what happened with President Donald Trump was anything more than an “inadvertent error” by someone who packed them. The liberal media didn’t want to say that, but now that it pertains to Joe Biden. Suddenly, maybe it’s not Biden’s fault, and it could be just someone else’s error in packing.


But, Ken, we know a lot more than that. We know that, unlike Donald Trump who had presidential records, these are documents that Biden should not have had at all–and that he’s had them for years kept in an insecure manner.

Dilanian admits that this may mean the problem was broader than first thought. “Now it appears there are more documents that went astray.”

Really? It’s the documents’ fault, not Joe Biden’s. They went “astray” all on their own. Funny how these inanimate objects act badly like this!

Could they make it any more obvious what pimps they are being for Biden with this hot take? But despite all their efforts, one would have to think that the problem is only deepening for Joe Biden. And as I noted, now the House Oversight Chair, Rep. James Comer wants all the information that the White House has in regards to all this as well. So, they’re going to have difficulty hiding anything, too.


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