Comedy Hour Begins With Latest Entrant Into 2024 Presidential Race to Challenge Trump

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If you hadn’t had a good laugh for the day yet, I have one to offer you now — former National Security Adviser John Bolton just announced that he’s running for president in 2024, according to Good Morning Britain.


I’m wondering if this is a joke or if Good Morning Britain misinterpreted what he said, but they’re saying it’s real.

Bolton said, “I would get in to win the nomination and I would do it primarily on the basis that we need a much stronger foreign policy.” He said that “it’s important that it’s understood not just in Moscow, but it’s understood in places like Beijing, that unprovoked aggression against your neighbors is not something the United States and its allies will tolerate.”

Bolton attacked President Donald Trump, saying he believed “Trump’s support within the party itself was in terminal decline.”

Bolton claimed that he “wouldn’t run as a vanity candidate.” “If I didn’t think I could run seriously, then I wouldn’t get in the race,” he said.

There are so many things funny here, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First, announcing on British television that you’re launching a presidential run for the United States? That’s just bad form.

But again, it’s part of the whole “What the heck is he thinking?” package. He says he wouldn’t run as a “vanity candidate.” Well, what else is it? Who is going to vote for John Bolton? Not any Democrat. Not any moderate. Not any MAGA person. Exactly where is his constituency? The permanent war complex?


Trump’s support is still very vibrant within the Republican Party. Trump declared in November. But if Bolton thinks Trump’s support is in “terminal decline,” what would he call his own support? Moribund? Non-existent? And then what about anyone else who might be running, like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis? Does Bolton truly think he stands a chance against someone like a DeSantis or frankly any other leading GOP candidate who might run? He’s deluding himself that anyone would give a darn about him.

The reaction of the public told the tale. People had a field day mocking Bolton — not exactly the reaction that you would hope for from a presidential announcement.


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