WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Town on George Santos in Brutal Interview

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Tulsi Gabbard was subbing for Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night and she had on Rep.-Elect George Santos (R-NY). She went to town on him in the interview about the lies that he told during his campaign in a brutal interview.


Gabbard led off by mentioning a couple of Democrats who told infamous lies about their backgrounds — Sen. Dick Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Despite their infamous lies, they’re still in office and still held up by the Democrat party, not called out for they lies.

Gabbard noted that Santos had admitted to some lies about his background, including that he didn’t graduate from Baruch as he had claimed. She brought up his explanation for saying he was Jewish when he was Catholic. His explanation? He said that his maternal side of the family was Jewish so he said he was “Jew-ish.” Yikes.

Then she had Santos on. Saying it did not go well for him would be an understatement, it was a roasting.

Gabbard started off by asking him what integrity meant.

“What does it mean, though?” Gabbard interrupted. “What does it mean? Because the meaning of the word actually matters in practice.”

“It means to carry yourself in an honorable way,” he answered. “And I made a mistake. And I think humans are flawed and we all make mistakes, Tulsi. I think we can all look at ourselves in the mirror and admit that once we’ve made a mistake. I’m having to admit this on national television for the whole country to see and I have the courage to do so.”


Now if he had been a Democrat with a normal liberal media interviewer, that likely would have been the end of the interview, perhaps even with the interviewer saying how he brave he was to come on. And we all would have choked at how ridiculous it would be.

Not so much when it came to Gabbard.

The thing is, Congressman-Elect, integrity means yes, carrying yourself with honor. But it means telling the truth – being a person of integrity And if I were one of those in New York’s third district right now, now that the election is over and finding out all of these lies that you’ve told, not just one little lie or one little embellishment, these are blatant lies.

My question is, do you have no shame? Do you have no shame?

He was left pretty much stammering. He correctly pointed out that Joe Biden had been lying for 40 years. Of course, that doesn’t justify his lying. That just means that Biden should have gotten the boot long ago. But the Democrats have no shame.

Gabbard wouldn’t let him go with that, though, saying this was about him lying to the people.

She grilled him about claiming he was Jewish in his campaign literature, he claimed that was nitpicking, that his “heritage is Jewish.”

She also nailed him saying these things weren’t just embellishments but lies.


“Look, I agree with what you are saying,” Santos said. “We can debate my resume and how I worked with firms such as Goldman–”

“Is it debatable?” she shot back. “Or is it just false?”

“No, it’s not false at all,” he maintained. “It’s debatable.”

He then claimed in his work he did business with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

But Gabbard said she didn’t know how the people who had voted for him could trust him after all this.

Gabbard properly called out his lies and there should be an avenue for his voters to hold him to account for lying. But even as I say that I note we see this from her and on Fox, but we would never see such a dissection of a Democrat on liberal media. That’s why Blumenthal, Warren, and Joe Biden for that matter are all there, despite incredible lies that betrayed the American people.


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