Peter Strzok Comes out of the Woodwork to Attack Elon Musk

I reported about a crazy thread of predictions from former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. I think the predictions were designed to irk people, including predicting civil war for the United States and that Texas would align with Mexico.


Elon Musk responded, “Epic thread!” which in internet-speak equals someone just said something truly dumb that’s going to result in a lot of mocking win. It’s a way of saying the predictions are “epically” crazy. He also posted other tweets, mocking the thread.

But some on the left went crazy, claiming he was somehow endorsing Medvedev’s crazy thread. What was funny was you had people who claimed to be security analysts or infosec people who didn’t understand “internet-speak” that “epic thread” doesn’t equal approval. Nor could they be bothered to see that he was mocking the thread in other tweets, or had previously mocked him.

Here was some of the crazy — scary when you think these are “infosec” people or media spreading such nonsense.


Larper Malcolm Nance —  talk about a crazy comment:

This ridiculous media person from CNBC claimed that Musk was “boosting” Kremlin propaganda.


Musk clarified because of the ignorance being pushed on the left and the lazy, flawed reporting. But according to her, that was still drawing attention to the Kremlin account (unlike her comments about the Kremlin account).

But definitely, one of the worst reactions was from the fired former FBI official Peter Strzok. Strzok implied that the government should reevaluate its relationship with Musk and his SpaceX company because of Musk’s comment.

So let’s think about this for a second. First, this former FBI guy can’t even read mocking and sarcasm. He can’t be bothered to check out Musk’s other tweets mocking the thread. He can’t be bothered to check out Musk’s prior tweet mocking Medvedev from October that I wrote about in my prior story. Is it any wonder he was ridiculous in his job?


What he does know is that Musk exposed the close nature of the relationship between the FBI and old Twitter, and the involvement in censoring speech. Suddenly, here’s old Pete coming out of the woodwork to go after Musk. So here they go again with “Anyone we don’t like must be a Russian asset.” Of course, let’s forget that Musk was helping Ukraine with Starlink — that gets in the way of trying to attack him. Because it isn’t about what he said in this case; it’s about the fact that he’s coming up on the wrong side of the liberal narrative when it comes to Twitter and that’s bad. He must be taken down at all costs. This says so much about what Musk is exposing.


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