Pelosi Freaks out on Reporter Who Dares to Question Her

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

It would be hard to measure with existing technology how glad most people on the right are that the Republicans won the House, and they are giving the current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the boot from her leadership position.


Pelosi has already given her last testimony as Speaker and as we reported, she even unveiled a portrait of herself to hang in the Speaker’s Lobby, which practically screamed for memes to be made of it. But the funny thing with all the tributes was that she’ll still be in Congress, although no longer in a leadership role. So, they’re giving her all these tributes, as though she were completely gone. But she’s still there — and involved in honoring herself.

I guess I wasn’t the only person to find that a little odd, because a reporter asked Pelosi if now she was out of leadership, was she going to be sticking around, “Will you commit to serving your full two-year term for the people of San Francisco?” This seems like a perfectly reasonable question, and the journalist is doing her job by asking it. But it hit a nerve with Nancy Pelosi, who flipped out.

“What is this? Don’t bother me with a question like that,” Pelosi sniffed, nose in the air, lips not moving much, probably because of the Botox. “Really. Really, OK? I said what I’m going to do. Those kinds of questions are such a waste of my time.”


Imagine anyone who pretends to be a public servant responding that way to a reporter — or anyone for that matter.

How dare anyone question the Queen? The incredible arrogance there. She acts like we work for her, rather than the other way around. She thinks the sun rises and sets around her, so you aren’t worthy of a decent, polite answer. She thinks she doesn’t have to answer a question she doesn’t like.

Now that Pelosi is out of the leadership position and isn’t running again, this is how she speaks. She no longer covers up, pretending to be polite. Because this is who she truly is — a vile person who has just been concerned with power. This is how she even treats the media that has always slobbered all over her.

That makes me think that the reporter probably is right over the target with that question. Pelosi is probably out of there within a year. She’s probably just sticking around, hoping for that ambassadorship to Italy that some have postulated that Joe Biden might offer her.

You would think that the media would report on how she treated a reporter. Had a Republican done this, they’d be all over that person. But Pelosi will get a pass, and this wouldn’t even be mentioned.


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